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Tony Yayo Chimes In On Gunna Being Called A Snitch

Tony Yayo appeared on PPhilms, were the outspoken G-Unit artist expressed his opinion towards Gunna being called a snitch after accepting a plea deal.

Since accepting the vey first plea deal in the YSL RICO case against Young Thug, Gunna has been hit with the “snitch” label. The very same label in which Tekashi 69 was crucified with. Although the same energy for Gunna has not been the same as it was for 6ix9ine, many have dubbed the rapper “gunnatello.”

Tony Yayo stated he would have taken a different road to freedom. “For me, in my opinion, I would’ve ended up staying in jail a little longer,” said Yayo. “Cause I wouldn’t want that video. That video is crazy. I rather sit in jail. You’re only doing a year. These motherf***** in Rykers that sit for seven, six years on a murder case.”

The video Yayo is referring to is the one of Gunna’s court appearance Wednesday (December 14). In the video the judge read out the stipulations of the plea agreement that Gunna then responded to. The rapper swore that he has personal knowledge that members or associates of YSL have committed crimes in furtherance of the gang — but seemed to distance himself from “YSL the gang” versus “YSL the label.”

Tony Yayo Chimes In On Gunna Being Called A Snitch
Gunna (YouTube)

Gunna went on to accept an Alford plea deal, which defendants usually accept if they want to avoid a possible worse sentence if they were to lose the case against them at trial. It affords defendants the ability to accept a plea bargain, while maintaining innocence.

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“I recognize, accept and deeply regret that my talent and music indirectly furthered YSL the gang to the detriment of my community,” Gunna acknowledged in the signed statement. “YSL as a gang must end.”

Gunna’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, continues to defend his client’s decision. Recently Sadow was furious at DL Hughley for his comments over Gunna accepting a plea deal. The comedian stated on VLAD TV that, “the government doesn’t give nothing for nothing.” (View: DL Hughley On Gunna: Gov Don’t Give Nothing For Nothing) Sadow may also appear on Akademiks’ ‘Off The Record” podcast to further explain Gunna’s plea deal. (View: Gunna’s Lawyer Steve Sadow Possible Interview With Akademiks)

“It’s all what you’re built for. To me I would have wanted a better first day out than that,” explained Yayo. “You could take a plea as long as it’s not implicating anybody then it’s kind of good. But it looked like to the public, you implicated Thugga. The public is gonna crucify you.”


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