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King Zayd Features Disko Boogie On “Do What You Supposed To Do”

King Zayd releases new single “Do What You Supposed To Do” featuring Disko Boogie produced by Ptah.

After releasing the highly anticipated single “Im Da Bag” to kick off the new year, King Zayd returns with new music. This time around the talented artist is accompanied by Disko Boogie who provides the hook for “Do What You Supposed To Do.”

“My comrade Disko Boogie did the hook for me. I came in with just the verses and laid them. After that he said, ‘Let me try something.’ And went in and laid the hook you hear on it. He said when he heard my verses he felt like that was what I was saying as far as the hook and he was right. So it was real organic,” explains King Zayd to Hip Hop XXIV.

King Zayd Features Disko Boogie On "Do What You Supposed To Do"

Produced by Ptah, “Do What You Supposed To Do” is a song that comes from a real place, according to King Zayd.

“Grew up in a big community that I feel like I grew out of based on certain experiences. Found myself often thinking I must be a real ni*** because I’d never do this and that often as I got older. Felt as though a lot of the principles that community practiced were what folks needed,” King Zayd said. “If only the folks in the circle only practiced themselves if you feel where I’m coming from. A lot of potential was lost, but a lot of experience was gained and I’m grateful for what I learned and went through. Made me unbreakable! But again the song overall talks about doing what YOU know you supposed to do.”

King Zayd knows exactly what he is supposed to as he continues to release quality music. Aside from the music, King Zayd is looking for a lot more in 2024 and beyond.

“Putting out consistent music and videos, working on a movie with my sons and just basic productivity and progression. We working on a documentary about my god pops Mutulu Shakur. So I’m looking forward to that. Other than that just “Kingin.” Finishing up and putting out an EP in June called “Valley Of The Kings” let me not fail to mention also,” added King Zayd.


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