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Gunna’s Lawyer Steve Sadow Possible Interview With Akademiks

Gunna’s lawyer Steve Sadow could be up next on Akademiks’ ‘Off The Record podcast,’ in hopes to diffuse any snitching allegations.

During a recent live stream, Akademiks revealed that he and Gunna’s lawyer Steve Sadow are in contact with a possible interview lined up in the near future. Akademiks platform will provide Sadow with the opportunity to reach a large audience who has dubbed the Atlanta rapper “Gunnatello.”

With hopes to lock in an interview as soon as the first week of the new year, Akademiks also stated Sadow isn’t fully committed just yet. “I told him we could do something. This is after I saw he was challenging what DL Hughley was saying on Vlad,” said Akademiks in the live stream. “I messaged him and he said, ‘Hey listen, maybe next week, but I have to think about it.'”

Akademiks’ possible interview with Gunna’s lawyer comes days after Vlad revealed he has also been in contact with Sadow. According to Vlad, Sadow reached out to him hoping to clarify his client’s plea deal, after Vlad tweet the following: “Here’s my take on Gunna. In exchange for getting out, he confirmed YSL is a criminal gang & said he was in a car with Young Thug when they found drugs & guns – and they didn’t belong to him. This will likely be used by the DA to convict other YSL members,” Vlad said on Twitter.

Sadow explained to Vlad over a phone call that Gunna’s plea deal and what he has admitted to, cannot be used against others in the case. DL Hughley disagreed as seen during his recent interview on VLAD TV. (Also View: DL Hughley On Gunna: Gov Don’t Give Nothing For Nothing)

Steve Sadow was not a fan of Hughley’s comments on his client, claiming “the government don’t give nothing for nothing.” In a series of DM’s sent to Vlad after the clip aired on YouTube, Sadow said, “I saw your interview of DL Hughley. To say it succinctly: he’s f****** wrong,” Sadow wrote as he also suggested having a one-on-one conversation with Hughley on his show. “See if he has the backbone to do it live where he doesn’t get to script what’s said,” he wrote. “Make sure he understands I ‘ain’t’ playing. Gloves off. He’s putting people’s lives in danger with his non-nothing opinions. He may be a comedian but this shit ain’t funny.”


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