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DL Hughley On Gunna: Gov Don’t Give Nothing For Nothing

DL Hughley and Vlad discuss whether or not Gunna pleading guilty will go against Young Thug and other YSL members in the case.

According to Vlad, Gunna’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, reached out to Vlad after his tweet about Gunna’s accepting a plea went viral. “Here’s my take on Gunna. In exchange for getting out, he confirmed YSL is a criminal gang & said he was in a car with Young Thug when they found drugs & guns – and they didn’t belong to him. This will likely be used by the DA to convict other YSL members,” Vlad said on Twitter.

Sadow reached out to the founder of VLAD TV, and attempted to clarify misinformation he felt was put out by Vlad’s tweet. According to VLAD, during their phone call conversation, Sadow stated that what Gunna admitted to cannot be used against other people in the case.

DL Hughley On Gunna: Gov Don't Give Nothing For Nothing
DL Hughley (VLAD TV)

During a recent interview clip, Hughly and Vlad disagree with Gunna’s lawyer, suggesting that Sadow is protecting his client.

“That’s probably not true,” Hughley said. “The government ain’t gonna give nobody nothing for nothing. If you’re name is Young Thug and Gunna, you’re probably gonna get indicted. Snitches don’t get stiches, they get immunity from prosecution.”

Gunna became the first YSL member linked to the RICO case to accept a plea deal. Since then five others have accepted plea deals setting them free, while many such as Wack 100 believe this will hurt Young Thug in the long run. (Also View: Wack 100: Gunna’s Plea Deal Surprised Young Thug’s Team)

“Have you ever heard of somebody pleading guilty to a felony and all they get is time served,” explained Hughley. “I don’t know his involvement or lack of involvement, but I know this, when a government entity comes with RICO indictments and they have all of these people with all of these charges, they’re after whoever can give me the biggest bang for my buck.”

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