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RAK Meal Prep Provides Convenient Fresh and Healthy Meals

In less than a year, RAK Meal Prep founded by owner Ronnie Alexander, has already left its mark as a delicious healthy option for all who reside in Arizona. Sure the vision started around 2016, but it wasn’t until Ronnie’s love for cooking would come to full fruition in 2023.

In its early stages, RAK Meal Prep offers weekly prep meals, online orders and catering for your special event, all while they stay connected with the communities.

Hip Hop XXIV sat down with Ronnie Alexander where he broke down those delicious weekly menus, how RAK Meal Prep stays connected with the community, his favorite meals, what’s next and much more.

Dutch Baby Breakfast dish. Blueberry Dutch Baby w/ Whip Cream & fresh Strawberries (RAK Meal Prep)
Dutch Baby Breakfast dish. Blueberry Dutch Baby w/ Whip Cream & fresh Strawberries (RAK Meal Prep)

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us here at Hip Hop XXIV. Please tell us what is RAK Meal Prep?

Thank you for having me. My name is Ronnie Alexander, RAK Meal Prep’s owner and founder. RAK Meal Prep is a food and beverage company for all ages. Our mission is to provide convenient fresh and healthy meals to our clients, and also be a brand that is connected with the community.

I am originally from Texas but currently residing in Arizona. My family believed in weekly get togethers where we BBQ’d and shared laughs. These gatherings were the catalyst for my love of cooking great tasting food and sharing it with others. The idea to build the meal prep and catering business started around 2016, but did not come to full fruition until 2023.

How did living in Texas and Arizona help mold the chef you are today?

Living in Texas really showed me what real BBQ taste and cooking is like. Arizona fueled the passion to explore cooking and sharing the experience of great quality food with others.

Spicy Honey Glazed Salmon, Green Beans, and Quinoa dish
Spicy Honey Glazed Salmon, Green Beans, and Quinoa dish (RAK Meal Prep)

Were you inspired by any particular chefs?

No not from any cooks, but my great grandfather L.G. Alexander and my Aunt Alice Galaspie were huge inspirations for me regarding cooking.

What does RAK meal prep offer?

We offer weekly meal prep meals consisting from enchiladas, red or cherry chili pork/ beef/ or chicken meals, to seared honey garlic salmon and roasted cauliflower, to lasagna with a side salad and cilantro lime shrimp. There are endless options on food choices. I feel the biggest thing we offer is time back in your life to focus on your family or business instead of worrying about what to make for dinner.

 RAK Meal Prep 8th Grade Career Expo
8th Grade Career Expo (RAK Meal Prep)

How can someone get their hands on these delicious meals?

They can submit the contact for on our website or send a direct message to us on our Instagram page @rak.meal.prep. Also, you must live in Arizona. Currently not shipping just yet.

You mentioned RAK Meal Prep and the community. Tell us how the brand connects with the community.

With community engagement being an important part of our brand we try to sponsor events, volunteer our time, and also speak to the youth in the community about the importance of entrepreneurship. Some of the events we’ve done so far are:

  • Sponsorship – Sister’s Hike (funds raised go to support local women in the community actively fighting breast cancer)
  • Catered Community Event – Charity’s Plumbing Solutions Annual Community Picnic (Charity is the owner of her plumbing company and strives to encourage women to own business and also high believes in community engagement)
  • Speaking & Cooking Demo – The Cartwright School District’s 8th Grade Career Expo (we spoke about owning a business and how entrepreneurship provide jobs in communities & performed a live cooking demo to over 1500 students)
  • Sponsorship – Betty Fairfax High School’s 1st 5K run/ walk (a portion of proceeds were donated to St Jude Cure for Childhood Cancer)
2023 Sisters Hike RAK Meal Prep
2023 Sisters Hike (RAK Meal Prep)

With such a promising future, what’s next for RAK Meal Prep?

Continue to build and grow the brand, along with engaging in more community efforts. A food truck or trailer is top of the list also as far as next steps.

If you had the chance would you appear on Master Chief or any similar show to showcase your talent?

While I welcome any and all cook off challenges, I’m not really interested in participating in any mainstream tv shows at the moment.


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