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Wack 100: Gunna’s Plea Deal Surprised Young Thug’s Team

Not many would take Wack 100’s word, but this time around it is Young Thug’s people who gave the intel claiming Young Thug’s team was surprised by Gunna’s plea deal and possible next move.

Ever since Atlanta rapper Gunna walked out of Fulton County Jail a free man, questions about possible “snitching” have gone viral. While many have voiced their opinions such as Boosie Badazz and Tekashi 69 (View: Boosie Badazz, 6ix9ine Respond To Gunna Snitch Allegations), others have their own theories suggesting Gunna did no wrong. Some have gone as far as saying, Young Thug ordered his YSL members to take a plea.

Wack 100: Gunna's Plea Deal Surprised Young Thug's Team
Gunna (YouTube)

Young Thug’s sister, Dolly White, also came to the ‘Pushin P‘ rapper defense. “Can y’all please stop saying that people ratted, and people this-and-that?” White said. “It’s not making anybody better, it’s not making nothing good, bro. Nothing that’s going on is…helping my brother. So can y’all please stop that? Can y’all please stop? If y’all love Gunna, then y’all give him support. Like, what the f*** y’all over there doing? Y’all tripping,” she said.

But, according to Wack 100, Young Thug’s people had no idea. “I spoke to Young Thug’s people. They can’t really attack it, but they let me know cause they know I’ma say something. They had no idea Gunna was about to do that. Zero,” said Wack 100 on Clubhouse. “They said that the Instagram post that went up is a fan page. That ain’t there real s***.”

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“The squad, the attorney’s, nobody had any idea that Gunna was gonna do that. Gunna management team always talks to Thug’s management team. Everybody kept quiet. It gets even deeper than that to where they felt the label knew and they said except to see Gunna try to breach Young Thug on the contact because of this s***, get free and go solo, then sign direct,” added Wack 100. “So, he’s on some real f*** s***.”

Since his release from prison, Wack 100 questioned Gunna’s plea deal, “Listen… you’re not pleading guilty to a RICO, and they’re freeing you. He did something.”


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