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Cronikole Releases “Enemies” Feat. Aylius Off “Street Fame” Soundtrack

Cronikole links with Aylius for new single and music video “Enemies” featured on EDI Mean’s “Street Fame” soundtrack.

There is one thing certain when it comes to hip hop artist Cronikole, when he drops music, there is no denying the quality and talent in which he exhibits on each record. With his latest release “Enemies,” Cronikole once again does not disappoint as he commands the listeners attention from start to finish.

Featuring Aylius who provides the hook, Cronikole raps, “My love is expensive, like time lost / Can’t buy the past when it’s dead and gone.” The talented rapper also showcases his directing skills, as he and TMC Siah co-filmed the music video.

O4L Digital Presents Street Fame Soundtrack

This isn’t just another record. As expected with Cronikole’s incredible catalog, the artist is transparent with his life and is an open book for all to see.

“As far as 2024, I feel like after everything I did last year in 2023 was all lessons learned as far as what works and what doesn’t. The video Enemies was shot with people I trust around me,” Cronikole tells Hip Hop XXIV. “Everyone else got fired or x’d out from being around me. Including the videographers and models booked for the shoot. Inspirational to everyone that was still involved. Artists, Car Club members, homies, etc. Gave us all a chance to collaborate so for that I’m thankful. Also, parts of this video are made to bring awareness to the war on police brutality here in America and the war overseas in the middle east. That’s why you see small elements that fill both issues.”

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The single can be heard off Outlawz member EDI Mean’s “Street Fame” soundtrack. The nine track compilation provides the sounds for EDI’s debut novel, “Street Fame. Cronikole, an artist on EDI’s O4L Digital label, joins Marsalis, Young Noble, FOS, Mission Irie and Bone on the soundtrack.

When it comes to what’s next for the artist hailing out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, it’s all about bringing back substance and the true essence of hip hop.

“2024 has me on a path of battle rap, not all dissing but making fun of the shit I think is stupid. I’m sure many will agree the state of HIP HOP is not what I got into rap for. I almost don’t even want to rap anymore. I miss when the artist sounded different and had things to say that drove emotions. Good or bad! The Latino communities from the West Coast to the East Coast are much on the rise. So I been tapping into those types of artists to get my rap fix,” Cronikole explains.”

“But I still bump artists like Benny The Butcher, Millyz , Jelly Roll, Hopsin, Tech N9ne and all my favorite Original rappers. Tupac, DMX, Bone Thugs, Outlawz, Jada Kiss, Eminem.”


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