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69 Explains Alford Plea, Troll’s Gunna With Lil Keed Last IG Post

"Of course. 100%. No doubt about it," said 6ix9ine when asked if Gunna snitch.

Known for carrying the “rat” label since his release in 2020, Tekashi 69 breaks down Gunna’s Alford Plea and explains why he feels the Atlanta rapper snitched.

What is an Alford Plea?

The Alford Plea is a plea under which a defendant may choose to plead guilty, not because of an admission to the crime, but because the prosecutor has sufficient evidence to place a charge and to obtain conviction in court.

69 Explains Alford Plea, Troll's Gunna With Lil Keed Last IG Post
Tekashi 69 (Instagram)

When offering an Alford plea, a defendant asserts his innocence but admits that sufficient evidence exists to convict him of the offense.” Defendants can take advantage of the ability to use the Alford guilty plea, by admitting there is enough evidence to convict them of a higher crime, while at the same time pleading guilty to a lesser charge. 

Defendants usually enter an Alford guilty plea if they want to avoid a possible worse sentence were they to lose the case against them at trial. It affords defendants the ability to accept a plea bargain, while maintaining innocence.

Gunna accepts plea deal

Gunna, real name Sergio Kitchens, accepted a plea deal, where the rapper admitted that the rap crew with which he is affiliated, known by the initials YSL, is also a criminal street gang. That exact deal is a called an Alford Plea, which allows defendants to maintain their innocence while pleading guilty.

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During Gunna’s court appearance Wednesday (December 14), the judge read out the stipulations of the plea agreement that Gunna then responded to. The rapper swore that he has personal knowledge that members or associates of YSL have committed crimes in furtherance of the gang — but seemed to distance himself from “YSL the gang” versus “YSL the label.”

“I recognize, accept and deeply regret that my talent and music indirectly furthered YSL the gang to the detriment of my community,” Gunna acknowledged on the signed statement. “YSL as a gang must end.”

Tekashi 69 explains why Gunna’s Alford Plea deal makes him a snitch

Appearing on a live stream (December 18) with Akademiks, Tekashi 69 did not hold back when it came to the world questioning if Gunna snitched. “It says right here. Special conditions. If called by any party in the case. Any party means the State which is the prosecutors or the defense,” Tekashi said reading Gunna’s plea agreement around the 19 minute mark of the video. “You will testify truthfully, but reserve your right to assert your 5th amendment privilege against self incrimination. Self!”

According to Tekashi 69, the Alford plea deal leaves Gunna no choice but to snitch on Young Thug and YSL. If Gunna is asked about any YSL criminal activities and is caught lying by prosecutors or the defense, he will be back in prison.

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Tekashi 69 wasn’t done yet. The very next day, Tekashi 69 trolled Gunna on Instagram as he captioned the late Lil Keed’s IG story. “Ya dead mans last post on IG,” Tekashi 69 wrote. “@gunna is he was alive he be disappointed to the Yes mam.”

69 Troll's Gunna With Lil Keed Last IG Post

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