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YSL Mondo Fires Back At “Rats” With Young Thug “Loyalty” Clip

YSL Mondo seemingly responds to those who allegedly snitched during the Young Thug case, sharing a loyalty clip and denouncing the “rats.”

Hours after Wack 100 received intel claiming Young Thug’s team had no idea Gunna would take a plea deal, YSL Mondo added to those claims, citing they’re might be friction within YSL.

Taking it to his Instagram account on Sunday (December 18), Mondo appears to be addressing YSL members Lil Duke, Slimelife Shawty and Gunna, all who have accepted plea deals in return for freedom. Upon his release, Slimelife Shawty stated he did not have to snitch in order to become a free man. “Yea I’m home, ain have to snitch to get here d***head. I admitted you slime life was a gang cus it ain’t illegal for no group to be a gang look it up that don’t hurt nobody anybody can be a gang, plus the founder already admitted it stupid,” Slimelife said on his IG Story.

YSL Mondo Fires Back At "Rats" With Young Thug "Loyalty" Clip
YSL Mondo (YouTube)

Wack 100 claiming he spoke with Young Team who allegedly are shocked Gunna took the plea deal, contradicts Shawty’s statement. (View: Wack 100: Gunna’s Plea Deal Surprised Young Thug’s Team). But what does fall into what Wack 100 revealed is YSL Mondo’s IG Story where he wrote, “I can’t believe y’all n***** (broken heart emoji).”

Mondo wasn’t done yet as he followed it up by sharing an old clip from a Young Thug interview while writing “Free the real. Keep the rats.” “Gangsta but gentle, you know. Got hearts,” Thug said in the clip. “It’s all unity. Doesn’t matter if you came from the same wound or any wound. You actually came from the same wound. This is what you should get from it, the loyalty.”

YSL Mondo’s comments are also puzzling considering that Young Thug’s siter, Dolly White, immediately released a video defending Gunna’s plea deal. “Can y’all please stop saying that people ratted, and people this-and-that?” White said. “It’s not making anybody better, it’s not making nothing good, bro. Nothing that’s going on is…helping my brother. So can y’all please stop that? Can y’all please stop? If y’all love Gunna, then y’all give him support. Like, what the f*** y’all over there doing? Y’all tripping,” she said.

YSL Mondo also asked fans if he should drop his new album in January. Mondo recently released his “Bite The Apple” single and music video.


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