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Vlad Calls Out Saweetie’s Publicists For Blackballing Interview

After a slight misunderstanding, Vlad and Saweetie are on the same page, setting up a possible must see interview in the near future.

Media runs are normal when it comes to artists promoting their latest project. Although Vlad TV doesn’t fall into the regular spots hit by artists during their media run, Vlad felt Saweetie denying an interview on his platform hurt her first week sales.

After releasing “The Single Life” project, Saweetie’s first week projected sales were slated for a disappointing 2K, as shared by Akademiks. Vlad quickly jumped on Twitter and said, “If Saweetie did a VladTV interview she would have easily done 10x her first week sales, which was 2000 copies. We actually reached out through one of our people and were told ‘she won’t do Vlad.’ Her Loss.” (View: Hitmaka On Saweetie Selling 2K: Someone Gotta Get Fired)

Saweetie responded with a tweet of her own and wished a Happy Thanksgiving to Vlad. “Actually, I been a big fan & have screen recorded my favorite episodes. Here’s one of them. Dates on the top. So if anyone “reached out” it wasn’t to me or my team, Dj Vlad. Happy Thanksgiving.

Vlad Calls Out Saweetie's Publicists For Blackballing Interview
Saweetie (YouTube)

This promoted Vlad to look deeper into the matter. Taking it back to Twitter, Vlad showed “receipts” and explained what really happened. According to Vlad it was Aishah White, Warner Bros Sr VP of Publicity who “doesn’t like Vlad” and would never have any Warner Bros artist interviewed on his platform.

“These decisions were being made by Aisha without ever asking Saweetie or any other WB artist,” he tweeted. “These types of decisions create bad relationships with media outlets without the artist even knowing it. And it hurts their music streams. After replying to Saweetie’s tweet about the interview, @balleralert tweets that they had the same experience with Saweetie’s publicist.”

Vlad also stated that over the past 15 years 1% of those interviews came from label publicists. The other 99% came from working directly with the artist or manager directly, using NLE Choppa who is signed to Warner Bros as a prime example.

“These label publicists, who are ultimately paid from artists’ sales, funnel interviews to their media friends, which often are not the biggest outlets, Here’s an example of another major WB artist, Lizzo, doing an interview with a media outlet that only got 1000 Youtube views,” added Vlad in another tweet. “For the record, I don’t know Aishah White and have no idea what issue she has with VladTV or Balleralert. Before posting these tweets, we reached out to Aisha for comment and got no response. Feel free to ask her yourself at @aishahwhite.”

Vlad would also issue an apology to Saweetie which sets up a possible must see interview, “Oh and @Saweetie I apologize for my comment about your mixtape sales. The way you responded to me showed class & professionalism. I’m honored that you are a fan of VladTV. Being from the Bay Area, I love when Bay artists win and consistently go out of my way to interview them.”


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