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Hitmaka On Saweetie Selling 2K: Someone Gotta Get Fired

Hitmaka can’t seem to understand how Saweetie’s latest project “The Single Life” is allegedly projected to sell 2K in its first week.

Despite a huge following on her social media platforms and platinum single with “Tap In,” it appears rapper Saweetie is heading in the wrong direction. Saweetie had been part of trending headlines, when ex-boyfriend Quavo released “Messy,” which many felt was directed to the female rapper who is rumored to have slept with Migo’s member, Offset.

In the song Quavo hints that the “messy” situation resulted in his breakup with Saweetie and led to the breakup of the Migos. While the negative press could have hurt Saweetie, she had previously attempted to quite such claims, but her latest single perhaps made matters worse. On “Don’t Say Nothin,” Saweetie raps about a secret romance without naming any names. A song which even angered the outspoken Joe Budden.

Hitmaka On Saweetie Selling 2K: Someone Gotta Get Fired
Saweetie (YouTube)

“Saweetie gotta shut the f*** up,” Budden said on his podcast. “Come on, let’s just get to it. I don’t got time to play today. Saweetie gotta shut the f*** up. That’s my take. … I’m not listening to Saweetie until she answer the question everybody waiting for her to answer; Did you f*** Offset or not?”

In the past, negative press has worked out for some artists, but in this case Saweetie appears to be selling only 2K in first week sales, as first reported by Akademiks on his IG. The low sales had Hitmaka and Sonny Digital voicing their opinions on Twitter Friday afternoon (November 25).

“Saweetie selling 2k is bad A&R vibes. Someone’s supposed to tell u this ain’t it!” Hitmaka tweeted. “I also have issues with her having multiple platinum singles & not sticking with same formula that got her here. Someone gotta get fired.”

“That’s why I can’t stand analytics! People couldn’t wait to not have to stand on gut feelings & goosebumps!” he added. “If it’s trending u sign them & it doesn’t work it takes away being accountable for what u signed. Now u can lean on ‘oh the numbers said’ …… MANNNN F*** ALL DAT.”

Sonny Digital also tweeted earlier in the morning confused by the projected sales. Sonny said, “Thirteen million followers , hundreds of thousands likes on all pictures but album sold less than 2000 copies. That’s crazy. The math ain’t adding up. If I had millions of followers and my album sold 2k I probably would just delete all my social media cause y’all lying to me.”


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