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Fan Falls From Balcony Forcing Drake To Stop Day 2 At Apollo

Drake was forced to stop his show as a fan fell from the second floor balcony at the Apollo in Harlem.

Day two of Drake’s performance at Harlem’s historic Apollo Theater on Sunday, was paused for about 15 minutes. As Drizzy called on 21 Savage to perform songs off their “Her Loss” album, the show came to a stop as a fan fell from the balcony.

Drake quickly got off stage and announced to the crowd, “Just gotta make sure somebody’s okay.” A 15 minute delay occurred as security rushed to the scene and aid was provided. According to Insider, the fan who had fallen dislodged a light fixture, which was then removed. Cords hanging over the side of the balcony were secured by a crew member.

The crowd on hand were then giving an update much to their delight. “Everybody is absolutely okay,” a man said over the loudspeaker. “They are being checked on. Nobody’s hurt. But I got even better news for you: We’re at the Apollo so the show must go on.”

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The show resumed as Drake and Savage rocked the stage. The night also featured an appearance from Lil Uzi Vert who Drake labeled “one of the greatest artists of all time.” Uzi went on to perform his new single “Just Wanna Rock.”

Closing out day two of Drake’s performance live from the Apollo Theater for SiriusXM last night to a packed crowd of SiriusXM subscribers and VIPs, the OVO superstar thanked those in attendance.

“This crowd is an absolute 10 out of 10. I’m so happy with tonight. We apologize for the delays and all that shit, but thank you,” he said, calling it “an evening of gratitude.”

“I used to come up here and my heart used to beat out of my chest. I used to be side of stage hoping some bad shit would happen, like a fucking fire alarm would go off,” he continued. “I used to dread performing ’cause I just never really understood how it was just like, me on one side and all of you on the other side.”

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“But it’s nights like these that let me know I have the greatest job in the world and I feel like you, again, give me the confidence to know after all these years, after all the nos that we’ve heard, after all the doors that slammed in our face, it’s this exact group right here that lets me know that I’m exactly where I need to fucking be,” he concluded.


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