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Young Noble Drops “Fire In My Soul” Rap’s 1st Acoustic Album

Member of Tupac Shakur’s Outlawz, Young Noble, has released hip hop’s very first acoustic album “Fire In My Soul.”

The last outlaw provides listeners with “An Acoustic Experience” with his latest 8-track project, “Fire In My Soul.” The entire album was recorded in 2 days with The Aspects’ acoustic sound throughout the project. With only a few features from Deuce Deuce, Ronnie Spencer, Kari Epps and Sky Keeton, rap’s first ever acoustic album was done in one take.

“It’s live. It’s not me re-recording and punching in and all that. Every song I did it in one take. From the top, the talking, the verses, the hooks — it wasn’t no stopping on none of the songs,” said Noble exclusively to

Noble kicks off the album by remembering the late Outlawz member Yaki Kadafi, who would have turned 45-years-old the day the album was completed. Kadafi was tragically murdered two months after Tupac’s passing. “Passed away at 19. Did not get a chance to spread his wings,” said Noble on ‘God Don’t Make Mistakes. “Last year, May 22nd, I had a f***king heart attack. Almost died in my kitchen.”

Three weeks after celebrating his 43rd birthday, Noble began to experience what he calls “real breathing problems” to the point it became extremely painful. “It wasn’t covid so I thought it was from smoking cigarettes I been smoking since I was 14 an I just quit on March 14 as a bday present to myself but it was actually my blood pressure it was extremely high an it was causing my heart to over work so long story short I’m seeing specialist to help get it under control I’m much better now,” Noble said via a caption on Instagram. (View: Young Noble Of The Outlawz Survives A Heart Attack)

Now a year later Noble has blessed fans with an incredible project filled with raw emotions. One of the last Outlawz could also look to release a full length project filled with new verses. “Depends on how the response is from this one. If it’s really good, I’m a do a whole brand new one. These are songs that I previously released and I just wanted to put a different feel. Rapping over the acoustic, it just gives you a whole different energy,” said Noble.


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