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Young Noble Of The Outlawz Survives A Heart Attack

Young Noble, member of Tupac Shakur’s legendary Outlawz, suffered a heart attack Saturday May 22nd.

Thankful for the Outlaw veteran, doctors was able to revive Young Noble who shared an update on what he called the worst day of his life. “Thank you to all my luved ones who been praying for me I had 1 of the worst days of my life yesterday I had a serious heart attack but God is too good & the amazing doctors brung me back an they getting me right.. I plan to put everything in my life on hold while I recover an get my health all the way right,” Young Noble wrote in the caption via Instagram. “This will only make me stronger I’m grateful for a second chance an I beg y’all please please please take your health serious all the unhealthy living an stress catches up sooner than later!”


Just a few weeks ago, in late April, Young Noble quit smoking cigarettes when he experienced chest pains. “If you know me then you know I never complain or speak on my personal issues i keep shit to myself an handle it thats just how I was raised. Us as men we think we are invincible an we never talk about shit until it’s too late an we end up dead so I wanted to speak on health,” Noble said as he opened up to his loyal fan base on Instagram.

According to Noble three weeks after his 43rd birthday he began to experience what he calls “real breathing problems” to the point it became extremely painful.

“It wasn’t covid so I thought it was from smoking cigarettes I been smoking since I was 14 an I just quit on March 14 as a bday present to myself but it was actually my blood pressure it was extremely high an it was causing my heart to over work so long story short I’m seeing specialist to help get it under control I’m much better now.”

Noble also urged everyone to stay on top of their health. “My brothers and sisters start seeing a doctor and get check ups more often, eating better, drink water, exercise, more rest an less stress. I been living a wild lifestyle for many years an it caught up!! Growing up I wasn’t taught to eat healthy I had to eat what was available! I want to live a long life I have many people who love me an depend on me so my health is my main priority right now!!”

Noble is the official last member of the Outlawz and recorded platinum hit records such as “Hail Mary” with Tupac Shakur. He and EDI Mean have been the foundation of the Outlawz since Tupac’s passing in 1996. Still carrying the tourch, the Outlawz have released tons of music as a group and as solo artists.


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