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Why Eminem Is “Bad” Just Like Hip Hop Legend LL Cool J

Eminem talks about LL Cool J gifting him a chain in an upcoming documentary “Behind The Music.”

Presented by Paramount Plus, Behind The Music will chronicle LL Cool J’s journey from surviving the tough inner city streets of New York to the ups and downs he faced becoming a legendary hip hop star and pop culture icon. In a clip shared via their official YouTube channel, Eminem talks about his admiration for LL Cool J.

“Since I was a little kid I always wanted a chain,” Em said in the minute clip . “I was recording with Rick Rubin and I was like, ‘Yo, can you ask LL where he got his chains from?’ So he had these made and sent them to me.” Inspired by LL Cool J’s “total” package, Eminem knew he wanted to be a rapper. “I’m like, ‘Yo, I wanted that. That is what made me actually want to rap,’” Eminem recalls.

If you think you can out rhyme me, yeah boy I bet
Cause I ain’t met a motherfucker who can do that yet
Trendsetter I’m better my rhymes are good
I got a gourmet plate that says I wish you would

LL Cool J, I’m Bad

The chain stems from LL Cool J’s 1987 hit single “I’m Bad” released via Def Jam records. “I’m Bad” was the lead single to LL’s second studio album “Bigger and Deffer“. Eminem would actually wear the gifted chains at a surprise performance at the 92nd Academy Awards in 2020.

Behind the Music premieres July 29, exclusively on Paramount Plus.


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