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Tupac’s Reaction As Onyx Performed “Walk In New York” In Cali

Hip hop legendary group, Onyx, appeared on Math Hoffa where they revealed how Tupac gave the green light for “Walk In New York” Cali performance.

In the middle of the east coast west coast “war,” Onyx in California would perform “Walk In New York.” The song off Onyx second studio album “All We Got Iz Us,” which peaked at number two on the Billboard U.S. Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums.

“We don’t throw gang signs in New York, We just be on some sh*t in New York / New York City, shiftee low down gritty, You punk ni**as yell pity and smell sh*tty,” Fredro kicked off “Walk In New York.” When asked about the iconic group performing the song in L.A., Fredro said Tupac gave them the green light.

Tupac's Reaction As Onyx Performed "Walk In New York" In Cali
Onyx (Math Hoffa)

“Cause Tupac told us too,” Fredro Starr revealed on Math Hoffa. “When we performed that record, Tupac was like, ‘That’s my favorite sh*t.’ We was at the House of Blues with Das EFX. Keith Murray, Redman was there. Tupac was there.”

According to Sticky Fingaz, Tupac was in the front row cheering them on. “In the crowd, like the number one fan,” he said. After the performance Tupac gave the duo their props, who were forever appreciative for the support. “This ni**a was a superstar. Every time you saw him, superstar. This ni**a was different,” Fredro added. “So, when you see the ni**a at your concert, in the audience. You’re like, ‘Oh sh*t.'”

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