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Tupac Estate Officially Releases Music Video That Mocks Biggie, Diddy

The official music video of “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” featuring Snoop Dogg, which has Tupac mocking Diddy and Biggie, has been re-released.

Uploaded via the official 2Pac YouTube channel, the music video brings back memories of the infamous beef between Tupac and Biggie. Although the beef ended with the world losing two fo the greatest rappers of all time, the video is forever embedded into Hip Hop history. Not too mention it features another rap legend in Snoop Dogg.

The beginning of the music video has two actors portraying Diddy and Biggie, or rather Piggy as he is referred to in the video. Diddy is giving Biggie the news stating “He’s gone”, referring to Tupac being shot in Quad Studio in 1994. An incident which Tupac blamed Biggie as far as knowing what was to come and not warning him.

As Diddy celebrates, Biggie shockingly says “Pac you alive?!” At this point Tupac enters the room. Biggie puts the blame on Diddy and begs Pac for forgiveness. Tupac says, “Once we’re homeboy, we are always homeboys. Even if you us a fat phony.”

Continuing on with the 5 minute plus video, is Snoop Dogg with Tupac having a lavish dinner, then to be raided and appear in court.

The hit single appeared on Tupac’s Death Row Records debut album “All Eyez On Me”. The single only peaked at number 46 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

Tupac and Snoop have a history and were both labelmates on Death Row records. In fact the two were good friends since their first meeting at the Poetic Justice movie wrap party. Their friendship ended with a fallout days before Shakur passed away. Tupac was upset at Snoop Dogg for appearing on New York radio station Hot 97 and stating he had no issues with Biggie and Diddy. A comment that left Tupac perplexed given the fact that weeks prior Snoop recorded music with Tupac dissing Biggie and Diddy.


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