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Toosii Shares New Song, Music Video “Head Over Hills”

Member of the 2021 XXL Freshman Class, is back with a brand new song, “head over hills.” While his previous record found his heart cold” after a break-up, a renewed sense of hope infuses “head over hills,” as Toosii delivers a moving declaration of love and devotion, accompanied by emotive keyboards and a soulful guitar.

The Syracuse-born, North Carolina-raised rapper – who has surpassed one billion combined global streams across all of his songs – will return to the road next Friday, July 23, with an opening day performance at Rolling Loud Festival. He’ll launch his first-ever U.S. headline outing in the fall. Tickets are on sale HERE.

Being selected as a member of the 2021 XXL Freshman Class has given Toosii a new platform for creative expression. Earlier this week, he and fellow freshman Blxst shared this cypher. In his Freshman Freestyle, he took the opportunity to pay tribute to his mother.

Head Over Hills

Don’t you gotta be perfect for me, oh hell no
You ain’t gotta be perfect, but baby, just do well though
‘Cause I’m dependin’ on you (Dependin’ on you)
Especially when a real n***a spendin’ on you
I could turn dirt to diamonds
I see that you fell in love with shining
Baby, just keep grinding, uh
All this ice could change the climate
I had you head over hills and still climbin’
Yeah, easier said than done, girl, believe it
And when you find someone like me, I make this s**t look easy
I’ll be right there when you need me
Only thing I ask is that you don’t up and leave me

– “head over hills” Chorus

Propelled by his gift for drenching real lyrics in rich emotion, Toosii has proven himself to be one of rap’s most relatable rising stars, able to touch hearts and minds with his honest tales of street life and lost love, detailing his journey from a lost kid surrounded by tragedy to a national sensation full of promise.

Listen to the ThatBossEvan produced track “head over hills” HERE


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