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Tekashi 69’s Epic Dubai Performance After Proposing To New GF

After retuning home to New York, Tekashi 69 went to Dubai for what Akademiks calls “historical” performance as he proposed to his new girlfriend.

What has been a fairly quiet year for 6ix9ine, the Brooklyn rapper made sure to end the year on a high note as he returned back to Dubai. What has become a frequent trip for the rapper, Tekashi 69 touched down in Dubai and gave a “historical” performance according to Akademiks.

“No funny s*** I got a lot of love for you n***** word to my mother,” said Tekashi 69 as he hit the stage. “I’m by myself on the stage right now, word to my mother. I do not duck nothing. In New York, in Miami, in Atlanta, In Saudi Arabia.”

From there 69 performed “GOOBA,” his polarizing single after being released from prison in 2020. “N***** always wanna chase clout, b****, I am clout / Tell ’em get up out my face now ‘fore I grrt / Are you dumb, stupid, or dumb, huh? / Play me like a dummy, like b****, are you dumb?” Tekashi 69 also blessed the stage with “Kika” featuring Tory Lanez and his 2018 hit single “Fefe” featuring Nicki Minaj.

It appears this recent performance by Tekashi 69 came and went without any altercations. Back in September, Tekashi was at Soho Palm Club in Dubai, where he got into a fight with a DJ who refused to play his music.

Days after the altercation, Tekashi 69 was challenged to a boxing match with the DJ. “You know what I think is a good idea and how we can resolve this? I live in Dubai. We have Floyd Mayweather and Deji fighting in November. They are coming to Dubai to put on a boxing exhibition. I would quite happily like to join them in that boxing exhibition as an undercard,” said DJ Lucasdirty speaking exclusively with TMZ. Of course the fight did not happen, as Tekashi 69 did no entertain such a challenge.

As far as Tekashi 69 proposing to random female, it appears the rapper is not even to sure who the girl really is. Dropping some clarification in the comment section for the photo with the female and tekashi 69 on one knee with a “will you marry me” backdrop, stevewilldoit said, “He met her 4 hours prior to the picture.”


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