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Symba Talks Addressing Funkmaster Flex Over Tupac Comments

One of the Bay Area’s hottest up and coming rappers, Symba, appeared on Hot 107.9 where he explained why he confronted Funkmaster Flex for his Tupac comments.

Funkmaster Flex has never shied away from voicing his opinion about the late Tupac Shakur. Many feeling Flex’s opinion crossed the line on multiple occasions and straight out disrespected Tupac who is no longer here to defend himself.

From Mike Epps releasing a video clowning flex to the Outlawz releasing a diss record, the Hot 97 DJ felt the backlash for dissing Tupac. One artist in particular waited a long time for the perfect timing. What better time than face-to-face with Flex in his own radio station and on his own show.

Symba Talks Addressing Funkmaster Flex OVer Tupac Comments
Symba (Hot 97)

For Symba, it wasn’t about violence, but rather having a conversation. “It’s showing people you can have a problem with somebody and have a conversation about it. It doesn’t always gotta be violent,” explained Symba at the 10:35 mark of the interview. “You can say I don’t agree with you in a nice way and still shake hands and go about your day and be cool.”

“So that kinda hurt us in the west when Flex was saying what he was saying about ‘Pac, but I wasn’t going to go there and disrespect that man that’s a legend. I wouldn’t know a lot of music today if it wasn’t for Flex. I just found a way to word it to where he can understand like man this is how we feel,” said the talented artist.

Symba’s words were loud and clear, as he rapped on Hot 97:

“I started from the Bay, it’s amazing I made it here
I guess it’s safe to say I’m having a hell of a year
Flex, it’s a honor to meet you but let’s be clear
I done had a bone to pick with yo’ a** for four years
You been a big part of this culture my whole life
So what I’m ’bout to say, y’all most don’t feel right
You say some wild sh*t, most times you actually right
 But all that disrespecting Tupac sht stops tonight
As a West Coast ni**a, Pac gave all of us pride
That’s why when you said what you said we was surprised
How you wait twenty-some years
To come in this motherf**er and keep screaming, “He lied”
And he ain’t alive to tell his sidе
But I ain’t mad at you ’cause you was speaking your mind
To keep it real, what you said was on half thеse ni**as minds
Just the next time you say it, don’t sound like you ’bout to cry,” Symba rapped.

Flex had no choice but to accept the viral moment, as he said, “Alright! Alright! I’ma stop! I won’t say nothing about him no more. They love him in The Bay! He stopped me today. Never more,” before adding: “Rest in peace, 2Pac” and then apologizing.


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