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Spice-1 Has A Message For Lil Cease About Tupac: Holla At Me

Bay area hip hop legend, Spice-1, sat down with VLAD TV for an exclusive interview with a message for Lil Cease over Tupac and Biggie’s fallout.

Ever so often, Tupac’s name is brought up publicly and at times negatively by those who intent on creating headlines for themselves or from those who still 26 plus years later still appear to dislike Tupac Shakur. One thing for sure is Spice-1 has always been at the forefront ready to speak out against those who attempt to discredit and bash Tupac’s legacy.

For Spice-1 he has been keeping it real with Tupac since day one. Tupac and Spice-1 would meet for the very first time bac in 1992 during the shooting of Spice’s “In My Neighborhood” music video. Directed by the Hughes Brothers who brought Tupac along, Shakur immediately showed the bay area rapper love. In true Tupac fashion he started rapping Spice-1’s lyrics with his infectious energy. “He had just did Juice. The move was out,” said Spice-1 as he already knew who Tupac was at this point in time.

Tupac (MTV, 1996)

From that moment on, Tupac and Spice-1 build a close friendship that was still strong all the way until the time Tupac was shot in Vegas and even till this day now 26 years later. Spice-1 was also around when Tupac was shot for the very first time in New York. An incident that left Spice-1 “pissed off.” Aligning himself with his comrade, Tupac’s enemies were now Spice-1’s enemies.

During his recent sit down with VLAD TV, Spice-1 explained why he never spoke with Lil Cease face-to-face after Tupac was shot in Quad Studios. “I went out to New York and it was a club I went to. I seen Black Rob, rest in peace. Lil Cease was there sitting at the bar and he sent Black Rob over there to tell me that Cease wanted to buy me a drink and he wanted to talk,” Spice-1 recalls on VLAD TV. “I was still too pissed off. I was still too mad about the sh*t. Looking at ‘Pac with those wounds and his chest and in his head, it was still fresh in my brain. I told Rob, tell dude don’t f**king come over here. I don’t need to talk to nobody right now, I’m not stable. I ain’t cool right now to talk about sh*t.”

The two would never get to speak. Till this day Lil Cease insist he and Biggie Smalls had nothing to do with the 1994 Tupac shooting in Quad Studios. “He was not coming there to see us. Coincidence that he was coming to that studio. I didn’t know that. I’m just acknowledging him cause that’s the homeboy,” Lil Cease explained previously on VLAD TV. “And I came downstairs to come get you. But, he was already come there to record with somebody else, we didn’t know that.” (Watch: Lil Cease Denies Biggie Setting Up Tupac At Quad Studios In NY)

Years later and Spice-1 is finally ready to have that conversation with Lil Cease. “Maybe he wanted to talk to me about something that I needed to hear,” Spice-1 said. “Shout out to Lil Cease. I was tripping, my ni**a had been shot. If you ever get the chance to holla at me, hit me up. Whatever you wanted to tell me then that night, holla at me for real.”


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