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Slatt Zy Returns With “Head Gone” Single And “Life Is Crazy” Video

Tennessee rapper Slatt Zy returns with the funk-inflected, diaristic flex “Head Gone” and visuals for “Life Is Crazy.”

A striking change of pace, the young MC trades in his trademark pain and reflection for something more free-flowing and occasionally even joyous. “Head Gone” follows November’s “Life Is Crazy” and August’s “Problems & Pain.” Slatt Zy also launches the video for “Life Is Crazy.”

In some ways, Slatt’s new single is a statement of intent. “Ball until I die, I want diamonds on my tombstone,” he raps as guitar vamps and piano runs twinkle in the background. Later on, the 20-year-old points to the motivating factor for his hustle, underlining why all the long nights in the studio are worth it: “I come from poverty, you put that bag in front I’m gonna get it.” Unfiltered and raw, “Head Gone” finds Slatt coming to terms with his rising stardom in real time.

Slatt Zy
Slatt Zy (Oluwatosin Otabor)

“Head Gone” continues an astounding run of stellar cuts from Slatt, who drops the song on the heels of “Life Is Crazy.” The young rapper first broke through in 2021 with songs like “No Respect” and “Feel It in My Soul.”

More recently, “Lean On” has amassed more than 1.9 million video views, while “Don’t You Fold” has crossed the million mark too. Both tracks capture the newcomer’s deepest lows and unlikeliest triumphs, continuing the no-holds-barred approach that began in 2020 with Zy Story and East Lake Projects.

With critical acclaim from Lyrical LemonadeEARMILKHotNewHipHopFLOOD Magazine and more, Slatt has established a reputation as one of the hottest new MCs in the game. Song by song, he shares postcards from a world that’s difficult to face, and even harder to look away from. With “Head Gone,” those same ideas animate his verses, but on occasion, he also allows himself time to celebrate the immense joy of his meteoric rise.

Listen HERE via Capitol Records.


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