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Silkk The Shocker Wanted To Fight Tupac For Starring At Him

Former No Limit Records artist Silkk The Shocker revealed the time he wanted to fight Tupac Shakur during an E-40 video shoot.

As told to Holdin’ Court Podcast, Silkk was in attendance at an E-40 video shoot. Also at the shoot was Spice-1 and Tupac Shakur. This is when a young Silkk The Shocker was made comfortable by Tupac. “I seen Tupac and Tupac is just looking at me, like really looking at me. I think I was talking to E-40 or something,” Silkk recalls. “I was like in the streets streets, so I was like you got one more time to look at me.”

Legendary Bay Area rapper E-40 sensed tension from Silkk and explained to the young rapper why Shakur was looking at him. “E-40 was like, ‘Nah, we was just listening to your music in the car and ‘Pac was like really going in with it’,” Silkk said on the Holdin’ Court podcast. “I didn’t really know ‘Pac like that till I know ‘Pac way later on, but I just thought he was a regular dude.”

E-40 and Tupac would collaborate on various songs, as well as make appearance on each others music videos. Most notably on Tupac’s California Love remix music video. Aside from appearing on the music video, E-40 was featured on Tupac’s Death Row records debut album ‘All Eyez On Me‘. Collaborating on the song “Ain’t Hard 2 Find’, along with B-Legit, C-Bo, and Richie Rich.

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The two artists shared a close bond and recently E-40 appeared on the Fred Minnick Show where he spoke about wishing Tupac was still alive. “I miss my guy man. I wish he was alive, I really do. Hip Hop would be more different and more live,” E-40 said during the interview. “I love story telling and uplifting. That’s one thing ‘Pac did, was uplift the inner city spirits. Whether it was female or male. No matter what you are going through he had something to say that was going to uplift your spirit like keep ya head, stay focused.”


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