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Wack 100 Explains Why Tekashi 69 Did Not Snitch

Wack 100 appeared on No Jumper where he broke down why Tekashi 69 did not snitch.

After cooperating and helping to take down Shotti and members of Nine Trey, Tekashi 69 has been labeled as a snitch. Although it did not stop Niki Minaj and Akon, such a label has caused many in the Hip Hop industry not to do business with Tekashi. The Brooklyn rapper speaking with The Shade Room in a 2 hour interview explained why he choose to “snitch”. Many of these reasons such as Shotti allegedly sleeping with 69’s baby mother, being kidnapped and robbed by Trey Way, all contributed to Tekashi’s reasoning.

As a result of his “snitching”, Tekashi was able to obtain an early release in April of 2020. Although Tekashi was a high risk for COVID-19 while in prison due to his asthma, Tekashi was still on his way to an early release.

Wack 100’s explanation as to why Tekashi 69 technically did not snitch echos the same reasons the rainbow rapper has stated numerous times. Adding another layer to explanation, Wack 100 simply states that at the end of the day, Tekashi was not a gang member. Wack puts the blame on those who allowed him to portray a gangsta image. “We have a rainbow hair with a red bandanna, he’s prostituting these peoples block. He’s using these people’s block for clout. What they was suppose to do is prostitute him back, charge him to use the block. Get in his pocket and get him off the block,” Wack 100 said during his No Jumper interview.

Continuing with his explanation as to why Tekashi 69 did not snitch, Wack said, “Remember he got a red bandanna with rainbow hair, but when he takes that costume off this is a civilian. They was never suppose to put this man in the position that he was us. So when I say he didn’t snitch, I think he went back to who he was.”

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Wack also sided with Tekashi and Akademiks when it came to his beef with Meek Mill. Providing explanation as to why he called Meek Mill a coward, Wack 100 says Meek backing down from Tekashi when they were face-to-face in Atlanta and his “bullying” of Akademiks is why he has issues with the Philly born rapper. “Stop putting yourself in that. Stop getting at people about this what you on, but then when they confront you, now it is Sunday service,” Wack 100 explained. “Cause I really don’t like a bully. I fights the bully. IT seems like you trying to bully these kids, this kid Akademiks, cause all he is doing is his job.”


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