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Reason Why Tupac Confronted Aries Spears During Comedy Show

Aries Spears comments continue to create headlines, this time around Spears recalls Tupac confronting him during a comedy show.

Twenty-six years since the world lost Tupac Shakur, we continue to find out just about everyone has had some type of interaction with the hip hop icon. From Mariah Carey to Michael Jackson, it appears everyone has a “Tupac story” including comedian Aries Spears.

Spears continues to make appearances just about everywhere after his comments about Lizzo was hit with serious backlash. Comments that prompted Lizzo to respond back to Spears at the 2022 MTV VMA’s. “And now, to the b–ches that got something to say about me in the press,” she yelled into the mic, using Minaj’s own words from 2015. “You know what, I’m not gonna say anything.”

While speaking with VLAD TV, Aries Spears reflected when another popular artist also had an issue with Spears. According to the comedian, he was doing standup comedy and was cracking jokes on Mike Tyson. Spears, known for a great Mike Tyson impression in the early nineties, had one particular individual in attendance that night who did not find his Mike Tyson act hilarious.

Mike Tyson is the reason Why Tupac Confronted Aries Spears During Comedy Show
Mike Tyson (@miketyson/Instagram)

Tyson and Shakur formed a bond in the early nineties. Unfortunately the two would not spend much time around each other, as time behind bars respectively for both got in the way.

Still Tupac recorded two of Mike Tyson’s ring entrance music and also supported Tyson for his big boxing matches including the infamous September 7 bout vs Bruce Seldon, a night where Tupac was shot and died days later.

“‘Pac was being Tupac. He got mad and was like, ‘Yo! Don’t f**k with my ni**ga Mike Tyson, which Mike wasn’t even there,” Spears recalled on VLAD TV. “So, ‘Pac was defending his man.”

Tupac was not turned off completely by Spears’ comedy act. “And then afterwards it was strange cause when it was over ‘Pac was like giving me so much love. ‘Man that was funny. You are funny.’ He just didn’t want me to f**k with Mike,” Spears explained.

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  1. Tupac forever, baby!

    Gotta love Tyson, and thanks to Aries Spears for the anecdote about Pac. Keepin’ that man alive in the headlines.


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