New Apple iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack Is Finally Here

Apple once again did not disappoint as they announced Tuesday (July 13) the all new iPhone 12 battery pack. Also known as the MagSafe battery pack, is the fastest charging battery pack to date by Apple.

The new battery pack is currently available to order and shipping starts next week. Purchase here. Some key things you should know about the new iPhone 12 battery pack before making your purchase:

  • It is normal if the iPhone becomes slightly warmer when charging.
  • Power adapter and cable sold separately.
  • Charges with up to 15W of power when using a 20W or higher charging brick. Purchase 20W Brick Here
  • iPhone must be running iOS 14.7 or later.

Do I have to charge the MagSafe Battery Pack before using?

Yes. You must first charge the Apple iPhone 12 MagSafe battery pack. To fully charge the battery pack, use a Lighting to USB cable with a 20W or higher power adapter. While your battery pack is charging you should see an amber status light and then a green status light when the battery pack is fully charged.

Can I charge my iPhone 12 and MagSafe Battery Pack at the same time?

Yes. First you should attach the battery pack to your iPhone 12 and then plug the MagSafe battery pack to a power adapter. Charging both devices at the same time could result in your iPhone charging to 80% or higher before your MagSafe Battery Pack begins charging.

Check This Out!

If you’re using wired CarPlay or transferring photos to a Mac, then attach the battery pack to iPhone first and then connect your iPhone to a power source.

Can I use a case with the new iPhone 12 Battery Pack

Yes. But, they are something things you might want to know before hand.

  • Battery pack attaches even when using a case.
  • Cases with card holders must be removed in order to charge.
  • When charging with a leather case it may leave imprints.

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