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NEMS Talks New Album “CONGO” On Risk N Rewards

Ready to drop his latest project in “CONGO” on August 20th, NEMS who isn’t one to write as often, has been on fire with his pen leaving him with no option but to drop new music ASAP. The album will consist of at least fourteen songs which were completed in less than a month.

More than just a lyrical beast coming out of Coney Island, NEMS is also an incredible business man. His FYL brand has grown over time which shouldn’t come as a surprise. His hard work has paid off to go along with a savvy business mindset. For instance, take his recent interview with Risk N Rewards. Throughout the 30 minute interview, NEMS is seen rocking a new FYL fitted.

His hunger and consistency translates into everything he touches, including remaining focus and dismissing the “critics.” “I don’t give a f–k about a list,” NEMS tells Bishop Brigante host of Risk N Rewards. “I don’t care if you got me as your number one rapper. I don’t care if you don’t got me on the list at all. Ima keep doing me, regardless of what anybody thinks.”

Throughout his grind, NEMS has always tried to link up with other artist attempting to sign them to his label Gorilla Music. Unfortunately this ended becoming a risk in his early career as he shared during his interview on Risk N Rewards. “As an artist you don’t have to push me. I don’t even need a label,” NEMS explains. “Everything that needs to get done, whether is promotion. Whether its me putting up stickers or me sending my joints to DJ’s, I can do that myself. And, I do it myself because this is my dream and I want the most out of every opportunity. Some people they see what I got. They want it. It looks good, but when it is time to put in the work, they are not willing to put in the work. You can’t put your will, your drive and your work ethic and put it into somebody else, it just don’t work. It just becomes a f–king waste of time and you just end up arguing with people when you just trying to do go for them.”

Fast forward to summer of 2021, NEMS is dropping his new project on August 20th, with a listening party in Coney Island. “Come kick it with the squad August 21st (a day after CONGO drops) and listen to the album with me. I might even perform some joints and bring out some friends too. Gonna have a dunk tank for Ivory there as well as some exclusive @FYLBRAND merch only being sold that day. AND WE SHOOTING A VIDEO WITH WHOEVER IS THERE FOR ONE OF THE SONGS OFF THE ALBUM. BE THERE OR BE A F–ING GUNTHER SATURDAY AUGUST 21ST 4-10pm / 1601 MERMAID AVE BROOKLYN 11224,” he wrote on Instagram.


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