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Mopreme Shakur Was Responsible For Tupac’s Explicit Video

Appearing on I Only Touch Greatness podcast, Tupac’s step-brother Mopreme Shakur reveals he was responsible for Tupac’s “How Do U Want It” explicit music video.

In prison for what Tupac called “forcibly touching the buttocks,” to which Shakur claimed his innocence, Mopreme Shakur would frequently check on his lil bro. One of those check-ins were phone calls between the two brothers. On one particular day, Tupac caught wind of Mopreme’s connection with director Ron Hightower.

“I hooked him up,” said Morpreme on the podcast. “There was a director at the time named Ron Hightower, in the adult industry. Pac was in jail. He’s calling. We were talking. He was like, ‘What you doing out there? How you running with?’ I was with Ron at the time and then when he got out, he said, ‘Who’s that dude who got the…?’ I hooked him up with Ron Hightower and he hooked up the ladies for the video.”

Mopreme Shakur Was Responsible For Tupac's Explicit Video
Tupac (How Do U Want It)

The connection was made and the rest was history. Tupac went on to shoot three versions for his number one hit record ‘How Do U Want It.’ The single produced by the late Johnny “J” who sampled Quincy Jones 1974 song “Body Heat,” also featured R&B group K-Ci & JoJo.

One of those videos featuring adult stars Nina Hartley, Heather Hunter, Nadia Cassini and Angel Kelly, turned into an uncensored experience and did not air on MTV or BET.

“All these years I really don’t talk about Tupac. That was a dear friend of mine. I get kind of choked up. He connected me and he wanted me to be in his video,” Heather Hunter explained in her six year old interview on VLAD TV. “He had all these dreams and plans he wanted to do. If you ‘Pac he can inspire you, it’s just ridiculous. So, I said, ‘Ok I’ll do the video.'”

Along with Hunter and the other adult industry stars, a huge paid day occurred for their participation in the music video. Tupac tripled their salary, the highest they had ever received during the 90s.


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