Marc Bravo On Bow Wow Influence, Upcoming Reality Show, New Music

Marc Bravo, a 24-year-old upcoming hip-hop artist, who can be defined as the perfect mixture of music and love. Born in North Carolina and raised in Maryland, Marc Bravo was heavily influenced by Lil Bow and Romeo who showed him it was never to young to chase your dreams. For Marc his dream was to become what all his OG’s idolized — a hip hop artist and more.

Apart from the music Marc Bravo is a business man who is the creator of a reality show, has his own line of rolling papers and his own toy via AMG Music. With that being said, attention all high rollers, we introduce to you Marc Bravo.

Marc bravo
Marc Bravo

As you stated you were influenced by Lil Bow Wow, what did you think about his Verzuz with Soulja Boy?

It was dope man, very nostalgic. I think he reminded the world the ability you acquire from doing as long as he has. He clearly outperformed & outclassed soulja in every way with substance.

Which artists inspire you today?

Jay Electronica, Curren$y, Earl Sweatshirt, Max B, and Q-Tip.

Last year was your first full year as an artist. You dropped your first project “Allure,” what lessons did you take away from creating and releasing the project?

For starters, I learned how to perfect my rollout process and merch game. I also learned to improve my craft from the music all the way to the photoshoots. I learned your music peers are the most pure way to promote. Lastly, I learned post-promotion is more important than pre-promotion.

Where did those lessons come from? Was it on your own, others with the experience, trail and error?

Those lessons came from working with a label to release an album for the first time. I had to put in real work (Laughs). Had to master the album, do photoshoots, video shoots, make press release kits, book shows, etc. It was a very fruitful experience that taught me the effectiveness of having a team  with a common goal.

You closed out the year 2020 with 380K streams on Spotify. Your debut project contributed to those numbers. How important was that for you overall to see your hard work had paid off?

It’s very much reassuring and gives me the motivation I need to keep going. My team and I worked really hard on that album so it was dope to see it so well received. Sometimes I work so hard I rarely get to stop and smell the flowers. It’s moments like this that force me to.

Was the accomplishment that more important given the fact it was during a pandemic?

Yes it was because everyone was sitting home watching. To my luck, the pandemic start right before my one year rollout was about to begin. I was already prepared to make it through the pandemic before I knew about it. I then used the pandemic to be completely transparent about my creative process since there were no distractions. People needed something to hope for and something entertaining. I was both.

2020 pandemic taught me to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready and I was my own example. It wasn’t even on purpose but it worked out for me in a major way!

This year you kicked things off with the deluxe edition of your AMG debut project “Allure.” It’s lead single “Lil Saint” is by far one of your best performing records to date. Given the fact the song was inspired by one of your favorite movies growing up “You Got Served,” how did the songs success make you feel?

As I stated before, the Lil Bow Wow and Romeo era were big inspirations. So, movies like “You Got Served” and “Honey” which dropped around the same time also inspired me as well. The dancing, dj’ing, rapping, etc, all fits under the umbrella of hip-hop as a whole. The fact I had the opportunity to successfully encompass that era in a song and video felt out of this world when it was received positively. Was very reassuring to my confidence. It let me know that given my talent, when I truly give myself to a project, it will be received well if I execute in a good way.

Aside from the music, you are the founder of Creative House. Tell us what exactly is Creative House and how it came about?

Creative House is a reality show starring 12 artists in a mansion that are competing to make the best content over 48 hours for a cash prize! This idea came about after a show I did in a basement of a house that had a whole bunch of Creatives in it. While in that house, I thought to myself what if someone filmed what went down in a house like this. Then boom the idea came to me, and I had all necessary ingredients to make it happen. Season One is now 90% complete.

Wow that’s incredible! When and how can we watch season 1 of Creative House?

Thank you! We won’t get an actual start date until show is completely done. Stay tuned on my page and Creative House’s page for updates!

Subscribe to Creative House on Youtube.

You also have your own line of Rolling Papers and now Pink Rolling Papers. How did that come about?

My first rolling papers did amazing. The second time around, I wanted to do it even more big. After some days of brainstorming, it came to me that I haven’t seen many colored papers. That would fit my whole high-roller aesthetic. The company offered me pink because some of the money will go to women who are working the factories and I was sold!

Your new single “Make Some Room” drops on November 11th. What can we expect from the new single?

This new single is a reminder to myself to stay patient while I work out my plans, trusting that they will be right on time. The track is a statement to the DMV and the industry to make room for the newest addition to the music scene. It track features a vintage disco melody mixed with hard hitting drums produced by @tapehook built for getting the crowd hype when performing on tour.

Marc Bravo Make Some Room

Part of the rollout for the new single, you also have a new toy which fans can I have for free when they pre-save?

Yes I was so excited when I saw the final toy mock up. We will be giving the first toy away for free to someone who pre-saved the album. Click here to pre-save.

What else do you have coming up that you would like to share?

Coming out next after the single drop will be season one of Creative House, an all black women show, open mic, fashion show, and more dope things still in discussion!


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