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Nana Elan Talks New Song “My K,” Rihanna, Future Plans

"I want my sound to be stamped! Once you hear my voice on a track you know exactly who it is."

Nana Elan is set on making her mark in the game and prepares for a new EP as she releases her latest song “My K.”

Long Beach’s very own Nana Elan is definitely A new rising West coast R&B talent on the radar! She is an expressive Vocalist making sure her music is full of quality and relatable to multiple audiences. As A mezzo soprano with captivating range and originality, her melodic voice marks a pure authentic R&B tune that compliments each ear.

Hip Hop XXIV caught up with Nana Elan, where the undeniable talent is prepared to make her mark in 2023 with a brand new EP, a year after releasing her debut project “Baggy N Boujee.” Her new song “My K” is savagely written and delivered with a hook captivating to ears of many, this tune is an undeniable melodic bop accompanied with an official music video on YouTube directed by Sultan Mars.

Tell us about some of your music influences early on.

Musical Influence began early on with my grandpa who was a musician for our church. He introduced me to gospel and how to sing. By 7-year-old, my interest in R&B grew as I became highly inspired by Rihanna who paved the way for my musical journey.

Nana Elan

Was there a song from Rihanna that instantly grabbed your attention?

Yes! Take a bow was the very first song I learned word for word that wasn’t gospel music . From there I fell in love with R&B and always wanted to be a musician.

What did you think about her super bowl performance? Def a refreshing navy moment in time. It being her First time back on stage since me becoming a singer myself, made me feel even more connected to the whole sequence.

If you could record a song with Rihanna what would the title of the song be?

Instead of recording, I’d rather use the access to send her a demo track! A pop record called “paparazzi.”

How long have you been singing professionally and what have you learned during that time period so far?

My music career began in 2019. Coming into the game I already understood the importance of quality. Currently, I’m learning how to master marketing and connecting deeper with my audience.

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What are some of your goals for the next 2 years?

My goals for the next 2 years include releasing my first major album project while earning my first million streams on an individual record. I also aim to perform my first festival set and sell out in merch!

Coming from a Hispanic background, and given that Latinos have come a long way in the music industry as far as being able to dominate and earn the respect they deserve, how will your background translate into the music and throughout your career?

As an Argentinian American, I don’t know how to speak Spanish but Definitely will rep my ethnicity throughout my career as it’s vital to my appeal and differentiates me from other American R&B musicians.

Who’s on your top 5 R&B GOAT list.. male or female?

Rihanna, Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Usher, and The Dream.

Would you be willing to collaborate with a hip hop artist and if so, with who?

I’d collaborate with blxst in a heartbeat. His hip hop records apply the basis of R&B so I can hear myself at least harmonizing on one of his tracks . Or even if he writes one for me I’d kill it.

What do you want people to know you for in 2023 and years down the road?

I want my sound to be stamped! Once you hear my voice on a track you know exactly who it is.

Tell us about your new song “My K.” What’s this inspiration behind it?

‘My k’ is a relentless, R&B formulated record converted into a West coast hip hop masterpiece. Produced by verrsaucy originated for a rapper, I decided to flip the track and build range on it.

What does Nana Elan have in store for 2023?

I have an EP in store for the middle of 2023, it’s been 2 years since my first project release, so it’s about that time! My goal is to stream my first million on an individual record. Also working on headlining my first independent show. It’s all coming!!

What can expect from the upcoming EP and how will it differ from your debut EP Baggy N Boujee?

You can definitely expect growth! A step out of my hardcore R&B box, which my first project showcased. Instead, this new project is broad audio of me as an artist. Tracks include very versatile routes of melodic hip hop, rap, features, and of course the hardcore R&B mixed in! A project introducing a new era of Nana Elan but still showcasing my west-coast tactic


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