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KXNG Crooked Details How Joe Budden Disrespected Him

During their sit down on the Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion, KXNG Crooked and Joel Ortiz broke down the demise of hip hop group Slaughterhouse. A fallout that happened way before the public became aware.

Unfortunately the group never was able to reach its full potential despite being signed to Shady records and KXNG Crooked vision to cement their legacy in hip hop history. “I was trying to do it for the culture,” said Crooked.

The group eventually left Shady, because of Joe Budden with the other three members following suit. More than a year off Shady and still Slaughterhouse was unproductive and slowly fading away. “We got off and nothing happened,” added Joel Ortiz.

KXNG Crooked Details How Joe Budden Disrespected Him
Joe Budden (YouTube/Joe Budden TV)

But what exactly led to the delay and the group’s demise? For Crooked it came down to Joe Budden’s disrespect. “Well put it this way. If us four right here started a group together and we were in the trenches together. I come with a deal and put it on the table and Royce is calling me for Joe, ‘Well here’s Joe’s concerns.’ Okay, well cool. Tell Joe to call me and we’ll figure it out and he never places the phone call. Weeks go by and you never pick up the phone and then Royce calls me again. And now I’m at the moment where I feel you’re the middle man between me and Joe,” Crooked explained. “That’s enabling the disrespect.”

According to KXNG Crooked, Royce Da 5’9 should had told Joe Budden to call Crooked instead of relating the messages back and forth. For long Crooked had no idea why Budden never picked up his calls. Not until after the album was released.

“Crook is always come around with deals. I’m not talking to Crook. That’s disrespect. That’s what he said out of his own mouth,” Crooked continued. “I’m not calling your manager. I didn’t start the group with your manager. I’m calling you. You got a problem with it. What is the problem? Let’s talk about it. But if you’re not gonna pick up the phone then you don’t respect me.”

Slaughterhouse released only two albums ‘Slaughterhouse (2009) and Welcome to: Out House (2012) during their 10 plus years active in the game. With both albums peaking at number one and two respectively on the U.S. Top Rap Albums chart.


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