Kodak Black Uses Old School Hack To Brush Hair With A Bag Of Chips

Kodak Black using an old-school hack to brush is hair has gone viral as the rapper using a bag of lays chips for 360 waves.

During his festival on Saturday night (June 11), Kodak Black hit the stage to perform some of his new music. Kodak would not be alone as he brought out his son who rapped along to Kodak’s lyrics and surprised the crowd on hand with an appearance by French Montana.

Prior to the performance, Kodak was seen using an old school hack to brush his hair. In this particular life hack, Kodak Black using a salt and vinegar bag of Lays chips hoping for some 360 waves before hitting the stage. As shared on his Instagram caption, Kodak blamed his girl for the last minute hack, “Bae , Get Me Brushing My Hair Wit This Chip Bag.” 🤣

As explained by Blu Waves of SOATV, the “chip bag method” has been around for years and started in prison. Although many call it the “plastic bag method,” it appears a bag of chips is the true originator. In the video uploaded back in 2016, Blu Waves shows a step-by-step tutorial on how to brush your hair using a bag of chips.

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How to brush your hair using a bag of chips

  1. Grab a bag of chips (preferably a small bag)
  2. Remove the chips out the bag
  3. Put a few drops of dish detergent into the bag
  4. Add water to chip bag and close the bag
  5. Shake the bag for a 1 minute
  6. Rinse out the bag until it is 100% clean
  7. Flip the bag inside out
  8. Brush your hair with a hard brush for at least 30 mins
  9. Use a medium or soft brush without putting a lot of pressure to graze the top for about 5 mins
  10. Next use your bag of chips to smooth out the hair (Apply oil on the bag if needed)


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