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Jordan Hollywood Releases New Single “Pleasures”

Florida rapper, singer, producer, and hitmaking CEO Jordan Hollywood unleashes “Pleasures” a new single and music video out now via Quality Control Music/Motown Records.

On the track, a hypnotic beat grates up against his intent flow. His nimble rhymes give way to a confessional chorus, “I wake up everyday. I tell my son that I love him…I miss my mom so much I wish that I could hug you. In the accompanying visual, a psychotherapist reminds Jordan“Only The Paranoid Survive, before he raps from the couch. As stacks fly, he ends up in a literal battle of tug-of-war before facing off against an entire tactical team.

“Pleasures” follows his energized summer banger “The Ugly Song” a collaboration with producer legend Timbaland —who told Jordan “You really took it there. Lyrically, video style, concept. I just wanna be the added piece to the puzzle.”

I wake up everyday, I tell my son that I love him
Tell my dogs to call my phone whenever they in trouble
Everytime I get a check, I flip and make that shit double
I miss my Mom so much sometimes I wish that I can hug you
Some people that I loved turned they back on me, it’s unfortunate
Sometimes I just be buyin’ stuff just because I can afford the shit
Some people leave their guns at home, me, I go on tour with it
Ain’t about no plays, call my phone and I’ma forward it,”

Jordan Hollywood on “Pleasure” LISTEN HERE

The song paves the way for his upcoming album, Only The Paranoid Survive, coming soon. The album is a document of Hollywood’s growth as he perfects the art of balancing family, loyalty, and financial gains. Only the Paranoid Survive is a product of the countless hours Hollywood spent holed up in his home studio speaking to the microphone about everything from the pressures and anxieties of the unknown, new fatherhood, and avoiding people who he doesn’t trust.  The emotions he spills don’t feel born of negativity, but of self-preservation—through his worries, he’s learning how to thrive.

“I think being paranoid is healthy. Overthinking certain situations can reduce the losses you take in life.”

Jordan Hollywood
Jordan Hollywood Releases New Single "Pleasures"


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