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Jay-Z Impact Greater Than Eminem’s Sales? 50 Cent Responds

50 Cent comes to Eminem’s defense after Jamal Crawford claims Jay-Z’s impact in hip hop is greater than Slim Shady’s record sales.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and ever so often conversations of hip hop G.O.A.T. is up for debate. While many debate eras and certain criteria to determine who they think is the greatest, there is no wrong or right answer. Well unless the answer is absolutely absurd.

When it comes to Jay-Z and Eminem, both have strong cases favoring them as to who is superior. According to Jamal Crawford, it’s Jay-Z. During a recent episode of TNT’s The Big Podcast, 3x NBA Sixth Man of the Year Jamal Crawford joined Shaq and Nischelle where they discussed LeBron’s chase to be the all-time scoring leader.

Eminem (YouTube)

Eventually the convo turned to who is the greatest NBA player of all time. For Crawford his top 5ive consist of: Michael Jordan, Kobe, LeBron, Magic and Shaq. When co-host Nischelle’s top 5 did not genuinely include Shaq, but said he was ultimately somewhere in the top 5, 6 or 7 range, Shaq was not interested.

In fact, Shaq blames himself for his number 8 spot on the all-time scores list with 28,596. According to Shaq injuries and missing free throws cost him at least 5,000 points which would’ve had Shaq at perhaps either 4th or 5th place.

Jamal Crawford holds Shaq in high regards, citing number 32’s dominance in the game. But Shaq does not agree that dominance outweighs numbers. Crawford begs to differ.

“That’s why my five, the dominance outweighs the number. Like, JAY-Z’s effect on Hip Hop is bigger than any album sales that Eminem will have, you see what I’m saying? That’s just how it goes,” said Crawford to which Shaq credited him for making a good point.

50 Cent on the other hand did not agree. Dropping a comment on a post by thehiphopwolf, Fif said, “ha bulls*** 🤧.”

Fif’s comment of course is a bit biased, considering Eminem is 50 Cent’s favorite white boy. The two have had each other’s back since their epic run back in the mid 2000s. Even till this day, 50 Cent and Eminem stand on loyalty. According to Fif, Eminem refused to perform at the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show if it did not include 50 Cent, leaving Jay-Z who executive produced the show no choice but to include 50. (Also View: 50 Cent Recalls The Time He Made Jay-Z “Feel Uncomfortable”)


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