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50 Cent Recalls The Time He Made Jay-Z “Feel Uncomfortable”

50 Cent shares a video on IG as he reminds us all of the time he made Jay-Z and Diddy feel “uncomfortable” on stage.

Since his arrival into the industry and dominating with his debut album “Get Rich Or Die Tryin,” 50 Cent has had a rocky relationship with various artists in New York. Fif isn’t one to “play nice” and is transparent when it comes to showing how he really feels about you.

A great example of this was once again brought to light, as Fat Joe’s new book “The Book Of Jose,” goes into detail about an infamous night in hip hop. In an expert shared by GQ, Fat Joe recalls the tense moment between himself and 50 Cent at the 2005 MTV VMA’s.

50 Cent Recalls The Time He Made Jay-Z "Feel Uncomfortable"
50 Cent (YouTube)

“Halfway through the show, I went out on the stage to give Missy Elliott an award,” Joe recalled. “What the audience at home didn’t see was that during the commercial break beforehand, 50 Cent got out of his seat and started walking the house. He went up to the audience in the cheap seats and started waving to me. It was like he was dar-ing me to get off the stage and physically confront him. Then he went down to the floor and started slapping fives with Jay-Z and Diddy.”

Thankfully things did not escalate, but 17 years later, it reminded everyone how “uncomfortable” 50 Cent made many of his hometown artists. Including Jay-Z as 50 Cent decided to share and remind everyone on his Instagram Thursday (November 17).

The video shared by Fif stems from the 2007’s Screamfest show at Madison Square Garden. The event was co-headlined by T.I. and Ciara, and included appearances from Jay-Z, Kanye West and Diddy. During their performance for “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” 50 Cent decided to invite himself on stage. Clearly annoyed by 50 Cent and having no choice but to let Fif be part of the epic performance, Hov is heard saying, “You can get down, n***a. You can get down. It’s all good.”

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Captioning his IG video, 50 Cent wrote, “This is why they say I only had one album. 🤦‍♂️I made them so uncomfortable, i’m working on being a better person.😆LOL.”


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