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Is Soulja Boy The First Rapper To Go Live With A K-Pop Star?

Soulja Boy, the first to do many or so he claims, but now Big Draco could be the first rapper ever to go live with a K-pop star.

K-Pop continues to grow and it appears slowing down is nowhere in sight. Ensuring he capitalizes on the trend, Soulja Boy recently was featured on B.I.’s hit single “BTBT” featuring DeVita. The official video has over 3.4 million views and counting.

During a recent Instagram Live session with B.I, Big Draco and K-Pop superstar agreed to link up together in Korea. Soulja Boy is planning a tour which apparently will include Korea. “I’m doing my tour real soon, so I definitely want to come over there and visit you bro,” Soulja said on IG live.

Is Soulja Boy The First Rapper To Go Live With A K-Pop Star?
B.I (YouTube)

Soulja Boy also stated his new album is in the works and dropping soon, “New album on the way. All the fans over there in Asia, stay tuned. I appreciate ya’ll so much,” Big Draco said. “We just working man. It’s a new year. No cap. Gotta keep it going bro.” It appears Big Draco will have no issues succeeding in Korea, as the K-Pop star reveals, it’s nothing but love. “There’s a lot of fans of you in Korea, for real,” he said.

Pull up, then I drop the top on a new ride
Bust down, Cartier cost thirty-five
Thirty thousand square feet in the air, stay fly
Red carpet, I was fresh suit and tie

Soulja Boy, “BTBT”

B.I also went on to praise Soulja Boy and Kanye West for “First Time in a Long Time” off “Donda 2.” After their public beef, it appears all things are good with Big Draco and Yeezy. “Oh yeah, shout out to the Boy Kanye, Donda 2. It’s the same thing when I was working on our song with me and you, it’s the same thing with Kanye. I just took my time bro,” Soulja Boy explained. “I gotta make sure I make this sone of the best collabs.”

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