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Ice Cube Affiliate Rapper Gonzoe Dead At 45 Years Old

Various media outlets are reporting that Gonzoe lost his life on Friday, July 30th.

Gonzoe who was known for being a member of the hip hop group The Regime and Ice Cube’s mid 90s Kausion, was reportedly shot multiple times. The tragic incident took place in Seattle near the Roxbury Lanes. Reports indicate Gonzoe ran to a nearby Shell gas station.

Young Hump, member of Digital Underground, took to his official Instagram sharing the sad news. “I wasn’t ready for this 😭 … man… rest in peace to my n—a gonzoe. My condolences to his family and to our bros in this rap shit that really rocked with him. this one hurts because gonz was doing real well.. and was on the up. He was teaching people to be smarter and #wakeyagameup. He had squashed all his beefs and he had just fought a charity match in the spirit of putting away the pistols (#glovesupgunsdown). To be shot and killed a few months later is a tragedy that is unspeakably painful and telling of how much unregulated anger is out there. Humans need help. blessings upon his woman, his young children, his friends, homies, ogs and the city.”

Gonzoe, real name Ronald Moore, participated in a boxing match against Boskoe100. With Snoop Dogg on commentary, the two boxed it out to a draw. In fact, it was Snoop Dogg‘s idea for the two rivals to go head-to-head and to get paid. “Snoop was like, ‘Man we should take this sh-t to Triller and get ya’ll a guaranteed pay check,” Gonzoe tells VLAD TV during a June 2021 interview. When asked how much he got paid, Gonzoe said a few hundred thousands and was thankful for Snoop providing the plug.

After hearing the tragic news, Boskoe went on IG live and despite his differences with Gonzoe, he was clearly heart broken by the news. “Its not like we was the best of homies, but the relationship that we built it was a trip to me,” Boskoe said Friday night. “It could have really went to a different level and been ugly. I thank god, that we was able as men, Black men and as examples in the community, that we was able to overcome that.” Boskoe also revealed that Gonzoe would call him everyday after their boxing match.

The Los Angeles native also recorded music with Tupac Shakur and the Outlawz. Although he was on the original “This Life I Lead” record, Gonzoe did not appear on the released version of the song on Tupac’s posthumous release “Better Dayz.”


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