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Fredro Starr Reacts To Quentin Miller Ghostwriting For Nas

Fredro Starr recently gave his thoughts on Quentin Miller claiming he ghost wrote for Nas on King’s Disease III.

Ghostwrites have been around as long as hip hop, but still listeners are often shocked to learn that they’re favorite rapper does not write all their lyrics. Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre once used another popular hip hop artist to write one of their top hit singles, when Jay-Z penned “Still Dre.” According to Fredro Starr, it’s all part of the equation in making a song. (View: Jay-Z Talks Writing Snoop Dogg And Dr. Dre’s Lyrics)

“You can’t do everything by yourself. You can’t, it’s impossible. Every rapper that you know got a n***** in the studio with him saying some s***, giving him s***. That’s just the way it is. N***** don’t get credit,” said Fredro Starr who believes a rapper with a ghostwriter can still make a top 50 list. “A lot of n***** got ghostwriters. If you a real rapper and you got a lot of s***, the door is not closed to work with somebody that you respect their pen.”

Fredro Starr Reacts To Quentin Miller Ghostwriting For Nas
Quentin Miller (VLAD TV)

For Fredro Starr, a rapper who is able to take a ghostwriters lyrics and turn it into a hit, is a skill in itself. Many artists use a “reference track” to get an idea of where they want for their song, at times taking large parts of the track that was written by a ghostwriter.

“A lot of these ghostwriter’s they don’t have the voice or they can’t come across right, but the pen is there and they know they’re position,” Fredro explained. “They say, ‘You know what, let me give it to somebody who can take it to that level.’ To make your s*** sounds better than what you said, that takes skills too.”

One of those Ghostwriters in the game is Quentin Miller. Miller, who was recently interviewed on VLAD TV by Vlad himself, touched on many artists of which he had the pleasure of working with. Shocking to many, Nas was on that list as Quentin Miller claims he worked on King’s Disease III.

“I pulled up on Hit-Boy, I’m in the room, I bounce some ideas out, there we go. Clear it up. I just bounced some ideas, a couple ideas win. That’s it, that’s all that happened with the Nas s***,” Miller told Vlad.

Nas King's Disease 3

Sheek Louch called cap on Quentin Miller ghostwriting for Nas. “I think he needs to write everything that comes out of his mouth and I think he does,” Louch said during an interview on VLAD TV. “You got producers that don’t even want another producer in the room with them, because say they give you an idea or something, they’re gonna say they co-made this beat. So if we in there and we getting creative, and you said, ‘What if you say this and that,’ that don’t mean you wrote the f***ing song.”

Regardless of the alleged ghostwriting, Fredro Starr considers Nas one of the greatest of all time and on his personal top 5. Fredro also considers the fact that Nas has other ventures to deal with and might not have the time to give his music 100% of his attention. “Working with somebody with a pen, ain’t nothing wrong with that. He’s still Nas,” Fredro said as he named some of Nas’ classic records.


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