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DDP Reveals What Went Wrong In Goldberg Match At Halloween Havoc

Appearing on Seize The Moment podcast, three time WCW Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page, DDP, spoke about how he met Goldberg and detailed their epic match at the 1998 Halloween Havoc.

DDP remembers telling Eric Bischoff, former President of WCW, about Bill Goldberg. Although Goldberg was a fan of the sport, he was more focused on Football. In 1990, Goldberg was the 11th pick for the L.A. Rams. Unfortunately he did not make the cut, but finally landed with the Atlanta Falcons who he played for from 1992-1995.

After suffering an injury, Goldberg ended up in WCW as a top star during the Monday Night Wars era. Page and Goldberg would eventually clash at WCW’s 1998 PPV Halloween Havoc. “I said ok during this match bro, you’re gonna miss the spear,” Page speaking of the epic showdown. “He’s like, ‘Oh no.’ I’m like, ‘No dude. I’m going to lay this out. It’s gonna be genius.'”

“I knew Bill six years before he comes into wrestling. I met him at a strip joint. We just clicked.”


Weeks prior to the match, Goldberg was hesitant about missing his signature finishing move, the spear, and still trying to convince Page otherwise. The two icons would go on to have their match laid out by DDP and would become one of Page’s favorite matches ever. Watch the full Diamond Dallas Page interview below here.


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