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Akeylah Simone, Celebrates the Season in Latest Video “Summer Breeze”

Newport News, VA, based Akeylah Simone is a dynamic musical talent who has been building momentum as a singer, songwriter, and recording artist. Inspired by the season and her longtime partner and husband, Akeylah’s new song and video “Summer Breeze ” showcase her smooth and soulful artistry.

“Summer Breeze is just one of those songs that hit me when I was feeling real good. This was the most fun track I’ve written, and the entire process felt so good. From writing, composing, recording and producing. And the music video was even more fun!”

Akeylah Simone

Growing up, Akeylah gravitated quickly towards music, starting with her first talent competition in elementary school. Raised by musicians, she developed a passion for exploring and experimenting with music. She knew that someday she would be a performer and that destiny would lead to a life on stage. A major influence on Akeylah since day one is her father, Bobby BlackHat, a Virginia Blues Legend, who Akeylah has worked alongside throughout her budding career.

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Bobby is featured in the song on harp, along with a supporting cast of musicians that stepped in to give the new song it’s depth. Akeylah’s engineer, Johnny Terrell, handled the lead guitar and bass, Chris Jernigan on the drums and Jamie Lewis on the keys and organ. For more on Akeylah, visit her site here.


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