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6ix9ine Features Meek Mill Altercation In New Video “ZaZa”

After 7 months, 6ix9ine has dropped his new single “ZaZa” along with visuals which features his altercation with rapper Meek Mill.

Despite the two artists involved in a face-to-face altercation in Atlanta, the feud between 6ix9ine and Meek Mill appears to be far from over. This past Saturday night February 13th, Mill and Tekashi shouted back one another in a parking lot surrounded by their respective security and alleged off duty officers.

6ix9ine Zaza

After a heated verbal exchange, Meek Mill went on his social media and gave his side of the story. Mill said he was being set up and did not want to end up in jail as he choose to walk away before the situation became worst. But for 6ix9ine and his good friend Akademiks, Mill’s explanation is nothing but excuses and both agree Meek should not be surprised as to why 6ix9ine is coming at him. “Meek I’ma tell you why he picked you. Meek I know twenty rappers that don’t like 6ix9ine. They’re big. Some are bigger than you. They don’t talk about him,” Akademiks explained during a live stream via Twitch. “The day he started testifying you started making campaign to heighten your brand by shitting on him.”

Dropping his new video on Friday (February 19) directed by Vibey Jackson (@just4canon) and 6ix9ine himself, the Brooklyn rapper included a clip from his own iPhone as he recorded Meek Mill during Saturday’s altercation. Tekashi also captioned a clip of his brand new video referencing Meek Mill, “ALL THESE RAPPERS GOT MY NAME IN THEY MOUTH BUT WHEN THEY ME IN REAL LIFE THEY GOT EVERY EXCUSE IN THE WORLD 😂😂😂😂 I KNOW! ZAZA 🔥 THE KING IS BACKKKKKKKKKK ‼️‼️‼️”


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