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YSL Mondo Answers Did Gunna Snitch?: Everybody Heard!

Appearing on Ugly Money Podcast, founder of YSL the label, YSL Mondo, labeled Gunna a snitch and chimed in on the rapper’s future.

During his interview, YSL Mondo was asked to say the first thing that comes to mind when he heard the following words: Nike and Whole Foods. While Mondo gave short responses, his next reply was surprisingly more detailed.

Ever since Gunna accepted a plea deal, those close to YSL and hip hop as a whole have voiced their opinions with IG captions, unfollowing and apparent disses on upcoming music. For YSL Mondo, there was no sugar coating his thoughts on Gunna’s decision.

YSL Mondo Answers Did Gunna Snitch?: Everybody Heard!

“My man did what he did,” Mondo said. “I ain’t put no cap on it. He did what he did. I know this for sure. I ain’t going off of no internet talking about. Ain’t going off what I’m seeing all that cap. You wasn’t suppose to do that my brother. Even if I wasn’t talking about it, anybody with common sense, anybody that been in the streets know you don’t do no s*** like that my brother.”

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According to Mondo, Gunna has no excuse for accepting a plea deal. “You can’t say, ‘Oh they tricked me.’ or ‘I ain’t talked. I ain’t know what’s going on.’ Come on my brother. Certain s*** you don’t do. You crossed the line my brother,” he added.

Ensuring there no confusion, host of Ugly Money Podcast asked YSL Mondo flat out if Gunna snitched. “Everybody heard. They got the same ears I got. Unless you deaf or blind. You took a plea saying you the main artist brother. You cap down talking about something and you know this a game. And on top of that you got caught with something and it wasn’t yours. So, who else was it,” explained Mondo who stated he doesn’t think Gunna can come back from taking a plea. “Who doing that? Baby you didn’t have nothing. You’re s*** was gonna get dropped brother. You know that. What the hell, you panicked.”


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