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Young Noble’s Message Is Felt In New “Outlaw University” Music Video

Outlawz member, Young Noble, is at his finest as he drops the latest music video off the Outlawz “One Nation” album.

After recording countless records after Tupac Shakur’s passing, Young Noble is thankful for all the love and loyalty received years later. In his latest solo effort, the Outlaw veteran, drops nothing but bars hoping the youth hears his message loud and clear.

Released this past September, the Outlawz latest studio album “One Nation,” saw the iconic hip hop group link with many artists within the industry. From Xzibit, Wyclef, Chuck D to DJ Premier, the “One Nation” album was inspired by Tupac’s original plan more than 25 years ago, where he had a vision of collaboration project featuring artist from every coast in the country.

Young Noble Message Is Felt In New "Outlaw University" Music Video
Young Noble and E.D.I. Mean

“Graduated from the block, but I never finished school
No it wasn’t cool, that’s why I choose to give ’em jewels
All them lessons that I learned, played the game by the rules
Never hustle where you live, never argue with a fool,”

– Young Noble, “Outlaw University”

Now in 2022, Young Noble and E.D.I. Mean, stand as the remaining Outlawz members carrying the torch. The latest video directed by Ross Media, sets the tone for major plans for Young Noble. The hip hop vet, continues to push his Outlaw University clothing brand, along with other ventures planned for 2022.

Be sure to follow Young Noble on Instagram and listen to the Outlawz “One Nation” album below.


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