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Xcellence! Releases Provocative Video For “Where They At 2.0”

Los Angeles Hip Hop entertainer, Xcellence!, releases provocative video for his latest single, “Where They At 2.0.”

Los Angeles Pop-Rap artist, Xcellence!, is not afraid to tell you what is on his mind. After two years of pandemic restrictions, he is ready to throw a party and he has an open invitation for anyone ready to let loose. To get things started, he has released the video for his latest single, “Where They At 2.0,” directed by Robert Berson.

“I feel like after the pandemic and going through something so dramatic, everybody seems ready to just be free, have fun and to celebrate again,” explains Xcellence! “Life is too short and  the world desperately needs an outlet for creative freedom and fun.”


Originally from the D.C. area, Andre Xcellence has been immersed in music for as long as he can remember. He has a deep cultural and family connection to Trinidad and Tobago, which brings a unique Caribbean flavor to his music and performances. Influenced by the Hip Hop greats like Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z, Xcellence also credits Pop and Rock icons, such as Lady Gaga and The Beatles. 

Describing himself as Pop culture’s “Black Mirror”, Xcellence! points to Art, Film, and Sports as additional inspiration for his music, as well as for Xcellent World Show, which is a weekly YouTube series that insightfully dissects Culture and Entertainment. 

Upcoming plans for the talented artist include a slate of music releases throughout 2023, as well as live performances, including a few showcases at this year’s South by Southwest Festival in Austin, TX..


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