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Watch Cardi B “Up” Music Video, Blasts iTunes For Dropping The Ball

Cardi B is back with her new single and music video for “Up”, but not everything went according to plan as she claims iTunes “dropped the ball”.

After sharing the cover art for her new single “Up” on Monday (February 1) everything seem to be going according to plan. The excitement was felt via her caption for the single artwork as well, ““My new single “UP” drops this Friday! LETS GOOOOOO! #Up.” Cardi had even hyped the announcement the day before with a video posted to Instagram saying big news was coming.

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Cardi was ready to reclaim her top spot on all streaming platforms, but unfortunately iTunes according to the rapper “dropped the ball”. On a video posted on her Instagram account early Friday morning, Cardi explained her issue with iTunes.

“I’m really upset right now. The devil has been working really f—ing hard, let me tell you,” an upset Cardi B says on the IG video. “I know people are having troubles finding the song on iTunes. I don’t even think the music video is up on iTunes yet. I don’t know who dropped the ball, gave in or didn’t give in the song to iTunes, but I’ve been working. I’ve been calling people at the label all night.”

Cardi B clearly appeared stressed out about “Up” not showing on iTunes. Her daughter Kulture also sound stressed and restless as she would not allow Cardi to finish her IG video at 3 in the morning.

The music video which did premiere on YouTube at midnight on Friday (February 5) has over 2 millions views after 12 hours.

Cardi did thank all those involved in the process for her new single “up”, including her husband Offset who helped the editing of the music video.


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