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Treach Responds To Will Smith Dating Ex-Wife Pepa

Will Smith and Pepa reveal they once dated and Treach of Naughty By Nature responds with a hilarious IG caption.

While Jada Pinkett Smith has put Will Smith in more headlines than he would like, do to Jada’s recent tour promoting her memoir, Worthy, the Oscar winning actor decided to counter with a newsworthy headline of his own.

Interviewing his special guests, Salt-N-Pepa on a recent episode of his Class of ’88 podcast, Smith and Pepa revealed and detailed their date back in 1989.

Will Smith was fresh off his first-ever Grammy win where he and Jazzy Jeff beat out Salt-N-Pepa and LL COOL J, who were also nominated in the rap category. Looking to celebrate his win, Will Smith decided to ask out Pepa who at the time had broken up with Treach of Naughty By Nature.

Salt-N-Pepa / Class of ’88 podcast

At the time Pepa was not interested in much more than a date, as she felt Smith was “too nice.” Recalling the date on Smith’s podcast, Pepa said, “Okay, you were very nice.” As the date began with a drive in L.A., Pepa detailed more of Smith’s nice guy approach. “Then we were out and you saw a homeless person. You gave the homeless person $100. And it was so nice. Then, we went to the Hollywood sign.”

Will Smith also chimed in as he was not able to fully enjoy the evening due to the fact he had Pepa’s ex in mind. “I think you and Treach had been broken up for a minute. So, in my mind when I was like trying to spit my game but I ain’t really have nothing. Cuz my concern was I was gonna get killed,” said Smith. Salt agreed “was a legit concern,” which prompted everyone to laugh.

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As the clip went viral and shared by Will Smith to his 64.4 million followers on IG, Treach also decided to share and respond. Writing on the caption of his own IG account, the Jersey native rapper responded back to Will Smith while mocking the infamous Oscar slap. “KEEP MY NAME CONCERNING MY EX-B**** OUT YO F***ING MOUTH!! 😂 😂 😂”

Nearly ten years later after Smith and Pepa’s failed date, Treach and Pepa would get married becoming hip hop’s first couple. The marriage would only last 2 years later. According to Treach during an interview on The Breakfast Club, Pepa cheated on him with another woman.

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