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Tiana Kocher Delivers Captivating New R&B Single, “Fade Away”

Tiana Kocher releases new single ”Fade Away” produced by Tim Kelley, a nod to the classic R&B hits from the 80s.

You know that feeling when you are so enveloped in the moment, that the rest of the world and all of the noise just fade away? Tiana Kocher encapsulates this on her new single, “Fade Away”, expressed with her velvety smooth vocals and alluring beats.

Tiana has been busy this year writing and recording new music and performing in and around Los Angeles. In addition, she is finishing up a college degree and designing clothing for her merch line which she plans to release before the end of the year.

Tiana Kocher Delivers Captivating New R&B Single, “Fade Away”

“This was my first time working with Tim Kelley, I have always looked up to his production and it was so surreal to work with one of the R&B greats,” says Tiana. “This song was also written in collaboration with Merges and Rikki Randall who have been long time collaborators. We wanted to go for an 80’s sounding record, back when you had those feel good records that feel like you’re wrapped in a warm cozy blanket. I wanted the song to feel comforting and nostalgic. Are you ever so enamored with someone that you simply ‘Fade Away’tiana ?”

Tiana’s new song comes on the heels of multiple releases, including hit singles “Back It Up” and “Up To You”, and sets up her upcoming album release for early ‘23. Stay tuned for tour dates, merch drops and more new music from Tiana.


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