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Tekashi 69 To Africa With DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Stabilizer For Music Video Shoot

Tekashi 69 has left Best Buy and Miami with a DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Stabilizer on his way to shoot the WAPA music video in Africa.

After asking his 22 million followers on IG to drop their country in the comments for Tekashi 69 to then select the location for his upcoming WAPA music video, Tekashi 69 will land somewhere in Africa.

“I’m about to record this video. I’m in Best Buy. I just bought the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 just in case this doesn’t work out in Africa, I could use this mobile stabilizer to shoot the whole music video on iPhone,” said Tekashi 69.

What is the Osmo Mobile 6 Stabilizer?

The Osmo Mobile 6 is an intelligent smartphone stabilizer packed with creative features. It’s not only compact and easily foldable to fit in your palm, but also launches automatically once unfolded to capture shots at a moment’s notice.

Tekashi 69 with his Osmo Mobile 6
Tekashi 69 with his Osmo Mobile 6

Get dynamic angles and perfect selfies by using the built-in extension rod. A whole host of intelligent functions and guides are at your disposal. The DJI Mimo app facilitates efficient shooting, editing, and sharing, allowing you to catch every unforgettable moment.

The stabilizer can also be purchased at Amazon.

Tekashi 69 is going to Africa

The talented Uganda kids dancing group Hypers Kids Africa looks to have convinced the Brooklyn rapper with their impressive IG video post. In the post the kids are seen dancing to Tekashi 69 new song WAPA.

Although Tekashi has indeed picked Africa for his upcoming video for WAPA, the rapper shared disappointing news for his fans as the video might not premiere on its promised date.

“Today is Monday it’s 6:54 p.m. April 10th. I promised you guys a music video this Friday April 14th. Till this time, till this present time right now I have shit nothing. I haven’t recorded not one scene to the music video and that’s due to me having to leave to Africa waiting for VISAS,” explained 6ix9ine. “I’m on the way to Africa to film this music video to hopefully get it out this weekend for you guys.”

WAPA music video coming soon

With no video crew on hand, Tekashi is taking a chance on his Sony A7S, but if all fails, WAPA’s music video will be shot with an iPhone using his Osmo Mobile 6. Not a bad free plug for Apple. Tekashi also provided some encouraging words to all music artists.

“For all those people who are signed to a label and say, Oh, but my label is not supporting me. My label got me on the shelf. The label is not paying for this. My label is not paying for that,’ that’s all an excuse. I’m showing you at the end of this music video when it releases, damn nothing stopped him,” said Tekashi.


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