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Stormey On What Afeni Told Him She Wished For Tupac

Hip Hop artist Stormey Coleman appeared for an interview with Hip Hop XXIV’s YouTube Channel where he spoke about cherishing the moments and advice given to him by Afeni Shakur. Coleman also reveals what Afeni wished for her son Tupac.

During his time connecting with the Outlawz, Stormey Coleman had the honor of meeting Afeni Shakur. For Stormey the advice and knowledge passed on to him couldn’t have came at a better time in his life.

“I had a conversation with her one time and I was listening to ‘Pac’s music. She just randomly said, “I wish my baby knew that he did not have to save the world.” Thorough his music, interviews and poetry, it was quite evident that Tupac felt the world was on his shoulder. He felt a responsibility and an obligation to led the oppressed. His loyalty to his people and those who supported him was second to none. A loyalty that ironically perhaps cost him his life.

Stormey Coleman (Instagram)

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So what exactly would Tupac be doing in 2021. Of course Stormey does not have the answer, but he does feel Tupac’s thought process might be different and matured 25 years later. “Who knows, we can speculate all day on what he would think or do in the music industry today had he lived this long,” “I don’t think he hide his tongue on he felt about any situation, at all. And let’s remember Tupac was twenty-five when he passed away. I just turned 45 so at the end of the day me thinking about me at 25 years old and the s–t I was on at 25 years old and where I’m thinking at 45 is a totally different person. Different though process, Different way of attacking situations. He might not had been so hotheaded about certain things, but who knows. It’s all speculation.”

Stormey also spoke about making a comeback to the music industry with his fourth studio album. Watch the full interview with host Andy Moffatt below.


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