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Snoop Dogg Remembers Tupac: My Spirit Is Bubbling (Full Video)

Snoop Dogg recently appeared with Ari Melber of MSNBC’s The Beat, where the rap legend remembered his former labelmate, Tupac Shakur.

Although Tupac and Snoop Dogg had a fallout days before Tupac passed away, the Dogg Father still has Tupac in his thoughts and memory forever. During the 4 minute plus video clip shot in Snoop’s studio, the new brand owner of Death Row records was asked about Tupac.

“He was angry at the system,” explained Snoop Dogg “Remember [Tupac] was a Black Panther, so he’s seeing directly how the Black Panthers organized to help out the Black community, put back into helping the kids and just structure us as far as having our own values. We made a difference. We was able to do something. We was able to have a voice. We was able to move mountains. We was able to unite people, and we was even able to unite color lines. Tupac loved all people and I love all people. We didn’t just make music for Black people. We were trying to help Black people because we seen what was done to us when we tried to help each other.”

Snoop Dogg Remembers Tupac: My Spirit Is Bubbling (Full Video)
Snoop Dogg (MSNBC/YouTube)

Melber continued to acknowledge Tupac’s mind state which many say was a head of his time. Backing up such claims, the host played a few of Tupac’s interviews which are still relevant and felt more than ever, 26 years later. Snoop Dogg who watched and listened closely, became emotional. In fact, hearing Tupac speak in those interviews had the Snoop ready to “f**k somebody up.”

“F**k no.” Snoop replies in a continuation of Tupac’s thoughts, “Now you get it. Even watching that, my spirit is bubbling right now. Like I feel like f****n’ somebody up from just hearing that just because I know it puts me in that era, that zone when our voice didn’t matter back then. Things we were speaking to as far as corruption and violence and all that, they were taking it and reversing it back on us as if, ‘No, you gotta problem. You’re violent.’”

Snoop Dogg and Tupac both met in the early nineties and would become label mates on Death Row records. The Dogg Father appeared on Tupac’s double album ‘All Eyez On Me‘ on the hit single ‘2 Of Amerika’s Most Wanted.’


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